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Hunter: 17-month-old male black Lab/Malinois mix 75-lbs Neutered

Background: Major changes in the human situation in the home have left little time to attend to Hunter’s significant needs for attention and exercise. Hunter came from a litter of puppies… when a visiting male police dog had a chance encounter with a relative’s in-heat female purebred Lab.

What Hunter’s Current Owner says: Hunter is an amazing soul who just got lost in the mix of unexpected circumstances. He is an all-around solid dog who is goofy, playful, active, and social. Most people will tire from playing fetch before he does. Hunter is an indoor dog but loves being outside in our large yard just as well. He is housebroken and knows basic commands such as sit, stay, down, drop, and give. Up until recently, he used a bell to notify us he wanted to go outside. He does well with our cat but loves to let squirrels know they're not welcome on the fence. Hunter is great with our kids (ages 3 months, 4, 6, & 8). He's still working on manners and will jump up on them when he wants his ball so needs work in that area. He isn't a huge barker but will if left unchecked. He occasionally chases our chickens when they're free-ranging but doesn't bite them. He is fairly mellow when just chilling but has a lot of energy to play fetch and run. He still has puppy habits and is in a chewing phase so we give him plenty to chew on but he'll get things that he's not supposed to if left out where he can get to them. Because of his Malinois breed, he's mouthy... He uses his mouth to gently play rather than go chomp bad guys. He mouths our kids all the time to get their attention or move them but never bites. We had him on topical flea/tick medicine however we believe him to be allergic to the active ingredient because he was losing fur from itching and biting so badly. Since stopping the regimen, he's stopped itching and grown his fur back. The ideal forever family would need to provide additional training for Hunter. While he's a great guy, he still needs to work on being on a leash and following commands; when stimulated by "friends" he wants to run and meet while on a walk. He needs someone who will tire him out daily with ball throwing and walks/runs. Hunter learns new skills in about a half hour and needs someone with the time to hone these new skills. Hunter is one absolutely amazing guy with a ton of love to give who is sure to bring years of joy to the right family.

What Hunter’s Rescue Rep says: A fantastic spirited dog. Fun, engaging, playful. Heck, I want to adopt this dog! Hunter wanted to play with my Lab Diesel who I brought over to meet Hunter -- no inappropriate behavior at all from Hunter. No food guarding either from Hunter. Hunter loves, loves, loves to fetch. His owners report that he is curious and then indifferent to cats. Has the mannerisms of both a Labrador retriever and a Belgian Malinois. The Belgian Malinois breed is commonly used as a police dog due to their smarts, strength, loyalty, and work ethic. AKC website. Belgian Malinois dogs are also known for needing lots of exercise and stimulation. Dog Breed website. Hunter’s adopter will need to have a professional dog trainer identified to help train Hunter and the humans. Not for the faint-hearted. Not for anyone unsteady on their feet. Will require a home that has plenty of room. His humans must be around a lot too. Hunter is also being considered for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation program.

Medical: Very healthy. Microchipped, neutered, and heartworm negative. He is due for vaccinations now.

Hunter is currently located in: Vacaville.

If you are interested in adopting Hunter, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at

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