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JAX and OLLIE: Bonded Pair of 1.5-year-old Silver Male Labs (~70 lbs) neutered

GGLRR serves the greater SF Bay Area

Background: Brothers, Jax and Ollie, were purchased from a breeder at 8 weeks of age. Due to personal reasons, their family was unable to care for them any longer and made the difficult decision to rehome them. Their former owner describes them as loving, affectionate, and gentle.

From Jax and Ollie's Foster: We have been making great progress with them, especially with the door bolting, and they do come when called. They are also getting better at "stay" and not jumping on us. They really are good dogs, and both want to behave. It's just hard sometimes when they get excited. During mealtimes, I watch over both of them until each is finished eating and to make sure Ollie doesn't eat Jax's food.

From Jax and Ollie's Rescue Rep: Upon meeting Jax and Ollie, I met two very friendly boys. Ollie quickly jumped up and placed his front paws on my shoulders to say hello. They are strong dogs and will require large dog experienced adopters who can patiently work with them. It's going to take them at least a few weeks to settle into their new surroundings and home. When I picked them up, I had to take one at a time to the car as they were both quite anxious and excited. Ollie quickly jumped into the back of my small SUV with ease. Getting Jax into the car was much more of a challenge. As we were coaxing him to get in the car, Ollie was trying to get out (he was tethered but presented an obstacle as he would not get out of the doorway to make room for Jax). In hindsight, it was a comedy of errors but once we got on the road, they quickly laid down and rode beautifully in the car.

They will bolt if given the opportunity. The previous owners lived in a quiet, residential neighborhood and if they did get out, it was easy to get them back, shouting "treat!"

Jax and Ollie are handsome silver boys with beautiful eyes. They have been together all of their lives.

There were two children in their previous home, 10 and 6 years of age, with whom they did well. They are housebroken and sleep, side by side, on one large dog bed. Swimming is a favorite activity for them. They are unfamiliar with cats and have exhibited prey drive with chickens. We do not recommend a home with cats.

Jax and Ollie are a bonded pair and will be adopted out together. With Ollie being the more dominant one, adopters will need to be savvy to each of their needs and ensure Jax receives equal playtime, attention, and care. Jax will hang out with the humans more, whereas Ollie will go off exploring but they always end up seeking one another throughout the day.

They will continue to blossom when they can be in the company of a family again, receiving regular exercise, a large yard to roam (a swimming pool would be an added bonus for them). They are presently being fostered on a ranch and are flourishing!

Medical: We recently had Jax and Ollie neutered, updated on vaccines and heartworm tested. They are on monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.

Jax and Ollie are currently located in: Livermore

If you are interested in adopting Jax and Ollie, please contact Rescue Rep Kris at krisellen.nm@gmailcom

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
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