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Video: Jet… belly scratch

Jet: 4-year-old male black Lab 65 pounds Not yet neutered

Background: Found as a stray in the central valley in early June with a German shepherd pal… Lab Rescue sprung him out of the shelter… as his time was running out… We think this was a fabulous decision…

What Jet’s Foster says: Jett is doing well here! He is settling in. He's a very sweet dog. I don't think he's had a great life in his past. He thought he was supposed to stay outside the first night. He laid only on the hard surfaces in the house. On the first night, I coaxed Jet onto the tempurpedic dog bed and I think he stayed there all night! He likes his bed now, but he still sleeps on the stair landing so he can be closer to us at night. He sticks very close to me He walks fairly well on the leash. Jet just wants to sniff everywhere, which is understandable. He doesn't pull much. He's "sitting" pretty nicely. He is mostly housebroken -- he has marked a couple of times in the house – work in progress. He likes other dogs. He growled at a neighbor's dog who was walking by, but oddly enough, that neighbor would never let my last dog come close. So...he's a good judge of character? He's wagging his tail and eats with gusto! He takes snacks very gently. We took him to the beach the other day and he loved it – might have been the first time he’d ever been there… he met dogs and people and seemed happy; he wasn't so sure about the water coming towards him, and mostly kept a distance. That also got better after we were there for a little while. Jet is not so keen on riding in the car – we think it is also new to him. He seems to be more relaxed when eating -- at first, he just inhaled his food. He is a bit of a counter-surfer -- I left my breakfast of cottage cheese on the counter one morning, and he helped himself! He survived the vacuum cleaner running this morning! There were a couple of very loud firecrackers yesterday, but he didn't seem bothered by that. He is a really good dog. We like him a lot. With some added weight and neutering, he is going to be a very happy dog!

What Jet’s Rescue Rep says: This guy is going to fill some lucky family with joy and love and entertainment. Jet is quite a character. He will need some guidance to learn that spending time inside a home is totally appropriate. His youth and activity level will necessitate lots of exercise and walking. We don’t know how Jet is with cats, but he could be absolutely fine in a home with another dog. Also, we don’t know how Jet would be with small children. A little obedience training with Mr. Jet might just go a long way, too.

Medical information: Jet is current on vaccinations and microchipped. He will soon be seen by our vet for a check-up and neutering.

Jet is located in: Santa Cruz.

If you are interested in Jet, call, text, or email Rescue Rep Dave, 415-686-4248,

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