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Joy – 3-4-Years-Old Female Black Lab Mix 62-lbs Spayed

Background: Joy, along with another female black Lab mix (Cocoa) and a Chow were surrendered to the San Jose animal shelter as the Chow reportedly broke through the fence, killed a neighbor's Chihuahua and brought the dog back onto the property where s/he lived with Joy and Cocoa. The owner opted to surrender all of the dogs when animal control was called.

What Joy's foster has to say:Joy is a real sweetheart. She loves to be in the midst of the action. She's sweet and smart and will do pretty much anything to please her people. She knows sit, down, paw, and a few other tricks. She's a quick study overall, and love both treats and belly rubs as rewards.

We take her on 2-3 walks every day, and she’ll also happily use the backyard to go during the day. Joy gets alert around other dogs when on leash and she’ll pull in her harness. She can re-focus pretty easily to her human. She gets along fine with our big boy, and they play nicely next to each other. She's very affectionate with adults. If anything, she needs to be reminded not to try to dominate them, but she responds to "off" well. She seems to be a little protective of her female foster, but will transfer affection to any person that is vetted by any member of her pack. She's not a barker (unlike our boy, sigh) but will get the "zoomies" whenever someone comes in the door.

She sleeps late in the morning, and is sleeping in a crate with a preference for a human nearby and the light on. She rests in her crate after her midday walk, and loves a bit of cheese before her nap. She sleeps all night in the crate with a preference for an open door to the room and the light on. She gets a kong stuffed with cream cheese before she settles down for the night.

Sweetness is her cardinal virtue, and she would be ideal for a home where she gets lots of guidance and affection as a reward for good behavior. She may be best suited to a house where she is the only dog, or with a big, older dog.

What Joy's Rescue Rep has to say:Joy will need a steady and patient adopter who is willing to give her the time and room to come out of her shell. Once she knows you, she will stick by you. The presence of another dog (or dogs) in the adopter’s home would be a great thing for Joy. Not good for a family with children, small dogs, or cats as we don't know her history. The shelter did test her with dogs (large and small) and she was reactive towards small dogs. She will benefit from more exposure to the outside world where she can meet different people, maybe get into a dog socialization class and, or participate in a pack walk with her new adopter or a dog walker.

Medical: Joy appears to be in good health. Spayed, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and heartworm negative. We don't know her age and are guesstimating that she is 3-4 years old.

Joy is located in: Oakland.

If you are interested in adopting Joy, please contact Rescue Rep Kris at

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