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King: 1 ½ Year Old Male Lab and Anatolian Shepherd Mix Neutered 84 Pounds

From King's Owner: We took King home as a puppy and have had him since, 8 weeks of age. Due to a change in living situation we need to find him a new home. King has been a big part of our family and know it is best for him. King is a year and a half, weighs 84 lbs, and is just about the sweetest dog ever! He has been neutered, and microchipped. Just received his rabies vaccine this morning and has had a week check that he passed with flying colors. We love him oh so very much but think it’s best that he finds a home where he will get all of the necessary exercise dog breed needs. He is not an aggressive dog whatsoever. He has been around all types of people young and old and he LOVES children.

What King’s Rescue Rep says: He is a very kind soul, energetic and loves attention. King is housebroken and is outside in the yard during the day and then he sleeps inside the home with another dog, a boxer. He knows Sit, Stay, Come, Leave It and off. He will jump up on people at times, barks when excited and will dig in the yard out of boredom. He loves to swim, will pull on the leash when walking and will get a bit car sick. (Mom is a black lab that comes from champion duck hunting lines and dad is an Anatolian Shepherd. These dogs will be large active dogs and people need to understand the two breeds. They need exercise and training! These are very special pups who we are very happy to have in our care and they deserve very special homes and families! Photos of mom and dad are attached.) King is a great dog. Young, energetic and needs a home that can give him plenty of exercise. He can be in a home with another dog, but he will chase cats. He can be in a home with kids. We want a home where he will get continued training.

Medical: King is in super healthy, neutered and up to date on his shots.

King is currently located in: Rohnert Park.

If you are interested in adopting King please contact Rescue Rep Liz at 415-613-6374

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