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Video: Koda hanging out at Cesar Chavez dog park

Video: Leash-walking with Koda

Koda: ~13-year-old male black Lab/Mastiff mix 92 pounds neutered

Background: Likely dumped by his owner due to his age and medical condition. Koda was picked up as a stray but found to be microchipped so the shelter contacted his owner - his owner refused to come in and get him. Grrrr. So Koda languished in the county shelter with this huge ugly growth on his left shoulder. We fell in love with his mellow demeanor. It was time to get Koda out of there.

Koda gets some publicity, p. 13

What Koda’s Foster says: Clark Kent and Captain Adventure?! You bet! Koda is a great dog. He has two wonderful sides to himself: mild mannered Clark Kent and Let's go! Captain Adventure! A true gentle giant. Like Clark Kent of Superman fame, Koda is a mild mannered gentleman. There is not a mean bone in his body - except for his occasional snarkiness toward some other dogs. He is content to hang out at home (on the couch, if possible!), keep an attentive eye on you, chew on a bone, study the squirrels in the yard, or nap. He is self-confident, relaxed, a little aloof, kind, gentle, respectful, attentive, trusting, trustworthy, and sensitive. He'd prefer to have his privacy for sleeping. However, as a youthful 13-year old, he has a secret identity as Captain Adventure! He's ready at a moment's notice to explore the world with you! Neighborhood walks are good but long, high adventure walks, trots, and road trips are even better - the mountains, seashore, woods, or the cool high desert. Where do you like to go? Koda would love to always be with you! He is an excellent companion and is ready to go! He's good on a leash, no pulling, but needs a few reminders now and then to "heel" (but don't we all!). Fully house trained, he completely adapted to my easy-going, dog-friendly household in about 36 hours. He knows "sit", especially at dinner time. He is a loving companion for my 13-year-old female Lab and can look to her for guidance. "Wait, what are you sniffing there? I'd better sniff that, too," he says to her on every walk. He is a good team player. I think he would do best in a household with other kind, active, mellow dogs on some land that would satisfy his adventurous spirit. He will alert you when raccoons come around the yard with a slow, lumbering chase or a low-volume, full-throated "woof". He'll use the same "woof" to suggest that it might be nice to go for a walk or to ask when dinner will be served, but he is never annoyingly persistent. One or two "woofs" and he knows you got the message. Then he'll relax and patiently wait for you to fulfill his request. Out in the world - on a walk or in the car - he will let you know when he sees another dog with his "woof" or an attentive stare. His first priority is to calmly keep his pack safe by being on alert. He is learning that meeting other dogs is fun under our gentle supervision. To activate his inner laid-back Lab nature he does - and will - need this gentle supervision from you when he meets new dogs. Balls and water are not his thing. He lives with a dog-savvy cat who he sniffs noses with sometimes; at other times he'd like to playfully chase her but she's not in to that. He's on a low-protein diet to help his kidneys. He eats his prescription kidney kibble from a fun puzzle bowl topped with a little yogurt, fresh butternut squash or sweet potato, along with his medicine and a few supplements. He is learning how to use a Kong. I'll bet he'd love some healthy, low-protein, home-made dog food! He takes treats from my hand very gently. Full disclosure: He can reach the kitchen counter and has so far helped himself to 2 sticks of butter, a big bag of dog kibble, and a container of liver treats. He loves chewing on raw-hide bones, bully sticks, and real bones so he'll need a good supply of high quality chews to keep him busy when he's not out on an adventure with you. Don't wait too long to come and meet this wonderful Clark Kent / Captain Adventure pooch!

What Koda’s Rescue Rep says: What a gentle giant. Koda just wants to be with his peeps. He loves being close to you; lying nearby, watching the world go by. We believe Koda is a bit under-socialized with other dogs so his adopter with have to use care when meeting other dogs; he does great with older mellow dogs; has shown to be a bit snarky towards younger and smaller dogs. We envision his adopter will give him a couple walks each day, followed by lots of lounging around, watching Animal Planet, and reading doggie magazines. Belly rubs and ear scratches are welcome at any time.

Medical Information: We had Koda's ugly growth removed - biopsy revealed it to be a malignant trichoepithelioma, but the vet feels she got all of the growth. Koda is now on a special diet and medicine (Enalapril) to address a urine protein and blood albumin issue. He is neutered, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped.

Koda is located in: Oakland.

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