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Video: Koda hanging out at Cesar Chavez dog park

Video: Leash-walking with Koda

Koda: ~13-year-old male black Lab/Mastiff mix 92 pounds neutered

Background: Likely dumped by his owner due to his age and medical condition. Koda was picked up as a stray but found to be microchipped so the shelter contacted his owner – his owner refused to come in and get him. Grrrr. So Koda languished in the county shelter with this huge ugly growth on his left shoulder. We fell in love with his mellow demeanor. It was time to get Koda out of there.

What Koda’s Foster says: One mellow fellow. Koda loves lounging on the dog chair watching squirrels. He loves sleeping in my little garden cottage bedroom. Koda loves car rides. He loves my own dog Anna Belle and looks to her for guidance (I think he'd do well in a house with another mellow dog). Are we really sure Koda is 13? He loves his walks. When on walks, he is always on the lookout for squirrels, joggers, people, squawking birds. Koda is responsive to my commands, and he is even starting to give me a few tail wags. I think he is some much more comfortable now that the nasty growth thing is gone; and his fur is starting to grow back where it was shaved for the surgery. He is not so interested in balls or toys, but does love to chew on dog bones. Koda has been nonchalantly curious about my dog-savvy cat.

What Koda’s Rescue Rep says: What a gentle giant. Koda just wants to be with his peeps. He loves being close to you; lying nearby, watching the world go by. We believe Koda is a bit under-socialized with other dogs so his adopter with have to use care when meeting other dogs; he does fine with older mellow dogs, but is a bit snarky towards smaller dogs. We envision his adopter will give him a couple easy walks each day, followed by lots of lounging around, watching Animal Planet, and reading doggie magazines. Belly rubs and ear scratches are welcome at any time.

Medical Information: We had Koda’s ugly growth removed – biopsy revealed it to be a malignant trichoepithelioma, but the vet feels she got all of the growth. Koda is now on a special diet and medicine (Enalapril) to address a urine protein and blood albumin issue. He is neutered, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped.

Koda is located in: Oakland.

If you are interested in adopting Koda, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net or 415-686-4248.

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