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Kota: 3-year-old neutered male chocolate Lab mix 93 lbs

Background: Kota is on stray hold wait through Solano County Animal Services until June 30th, after he was picked up as a stray in Benicia. His owner has been notified of his situation but has not responded to any communications and does not appear to want him back. A good Samaritan in Benicia cared for Kota for the first two weeks. .

What Kota’s foster says: Kota is a total Bud. He’s a Ferdinand the Bull in a china shop. A beer-and-pretzel kinda dog instead of champagne-and-strawberries. He’s settled in quickly to our home routine. Gets along nicely with my own 14-year-old dog, but would love to have her play with him. He understands when I tell him no, she doesn’t want to play. Kota doesn’t spend a lot of time playing, just a toss of the ball a time or two seems to suffice. Loves his squeaky toy!! Prefers to be near you and will happily hang out with you while yard work or house work is completed. Kota is very gentle when taking treats (knows “sit”), has a good appetite (though fed separate from foster sister, who’s a total chow hound), and responds well to correction with positive feedback. He's housetrained, not a digger, not a jumper, and seems to only bark when he feels he feels it necessary (which isn't all that often). I don't feel he'd do well in a crate. He has met several people with very slow introductions and has quickly become their friend. Other than his foster sister he hasn’t met any other dogs at our home/neighborhood. There is a resident cat (who feels she’s a dog) in foster home that he has seen, but so far no close interaction though I understand he did well in another home with two cats. Kota sleeps well through the night on a dog bed in the bedroom. A short walk has been fine using an Easy Walk no pull harness and a pocket full of treats. Kota seems to have a dry sense of humor. Can be stubborn, but has a burst of energy where he just wants to run. Again, loves to be with you, a total Velcro dog which could be because he has been bounced around so often. He needs a home that has patience and guidance to help him blossom into his full potential as a great family member.

What Kota’s Rescue Rep says: Kota has a great personality. Loves attention. Loves to romp with squeaky toys. A bit forward when meeting new people and new dogs. Not aggressive but very inquisitive. He does not know his own strength. Will require slow introduction to other dogs on a nice easy walk… a few butts sniffs… then all is good. Wants to play with other dogs; would love to live with another big dog. Fine with cats. No food guarding that I could tell; interested in treats. Pretty much all over the place when walking on leash (on a flat collar).

Medical Information: Neutered and chipped. Kota had three seizures in just 24 hours at the good Samaritan’s home; the good Sam just took the dog to SAGE Concord who treated the dog for epilepsy and put the dog on a regimen of phenobarbital. No more seizures. Seems to still be groggy, a bit uncoordinated – may be due to the new phenobarbital regimen. Will need some recurring vet visits to ensure anti-seizure med protocol is on track.

Kota is located in: Novato.

If you are interested in Kota, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net or 415-686-4248.

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