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Video: Mozying around with Lady

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Lady: 10-Year-Old Black Female Lab 85 lbs Not yet spayed

Background: We will never know how a fabulous dog like this ends up at a shelter, but there she was. Found as a stray, she became a favorite at the shelter as she was friendly towards all. The shelter named her Lady and we believe that was quite appropriate. We are delighted at the opportunity to find hew a new forever home.

[Sung to the tune of Lady by Styx]

Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling

Give me all your love

Your paws build me up when I'm sinking

I touch you and my troubles all fade

Lady, from the moment I saw you

All alone at the shelter

You give all the love adopters need

So spry, like a young pup at play

Lady of the rescue

Love shines in your eyes

Sparkling, clear and lovely

You're my lady

What Lady's foster says: We think Lady must have been someone's beloved companion. She is well trained, has good house manners, loves kisses and loves to play ball (she even drops it at your feet!). She has that great, waggy, Lab tail, and is always happy. She most likely loves water because when she gets a drink out of the bucket, she puts her face in up to her eyes, and both front feet. Lady is still a little curious about the cats, but she has learned it is in her best interest to ignore them. She prefers to be with us, but is fine with being left alone in the house. We have a few dog toys that she likes to bring us, and she prefers the ones she can chew on. Lady gets along great with our own Lab Chance and is very respectful of him, always yielding to him. She is whatever the opposite of Alpha is. She likes being with us more than with our Lab, but she also really enjoys playing with him.

What Lady's Rescue Rep says: This ain't no "senior" dog despite her estimated age of ten years old. Okay, she could use to lose a few pounds, but she is quite active and engaging. Fine with other dogs. Still getting used to leaving the cats alone. Lady is also great with horses and horses are great with her. Very easy to walk on leash. Lady might be a good fit for first-time dog owners.

Medical: Lady is current on Rabies and distemper vax, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Not sure if she is spayed or not. She is headed to our vet soon for check-up.

Lady is currently located in: Livermore.

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