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Lilly: 11-12 Month Old Black Female Lab, Spayed, 62.5 Pounds

Lilly has been with Lab Rescue since mid-October and came in as a stray from a South Bay shelter. We were able to pull her the day we met her as one of our wonderful fosters was available to take her right away. Lilly was in this immediate foster placement for 5 nights before we transferred her to a longer term foster.

Here's some of what Lilly's first foster had to say:

I live with two older female Labs at home, a fairly quiet life, 1 - 2 walks per day. Some observations from the first few days I've had Lilly: seems housetrained, she's had the run of the house for two days and has been going outside to do her business.

settles down at night when the lights are turned off, sleeps on her pad on the floor.

an escape artist - she charges open doors and gates, be careful around doors with her. I've been working on getting her to sit and wait for "OK" before going through any portals.

jumps on me, on chairs, on counters, jumps on the bed. I have been discouraging this behavior.

I've put her in a full harness on walks, as she knows how to back up, twist her head, and get out of her dog collar with leash.

she pulls on the lead moderately hard, but towards the end of the walk she pulls less

interested in passersby, but a gentle curiosity

neutral when we met other adults and children up close

no obvious trauma or abuse, she doesn't show any unusual fears, hesitations, or hand shy behaviors

a gentle disposition, seems quiet a lot of the time when nothing is happening.

very excited to see me when I get home, lots of jumping and enthusiasm.

What Lilly's Current Foster Says:

Lilly is very sweet and loving to everyone. After about 4 days, she is finally bonding to me more. She comes when called (mostly) and is having a blast playing with one of my other dogs, Sam.

This morning, she actually broke my leash going after a feral cat!

She has very bad recall. Sometimes, I think she does not understand basic commands at all. When she was running and panicking, I called “STOP” in Spanish and she froze. I was able to catch her. She cowered like I was going to punish her, but I just soothed and petted her. Then she was fine.

When I call "AQUI" (come) …she comes right away.

She loves to play with and chase my goofy Sam. They wear each other out.

Lilly needs to RUN!!!! I took her to an enclosed park before our leashed walk to wear her out a bit. It worked great, much less pulling. She can almost fetch, but she only brings it back halfway then drops it. She is faster than any dog I’ve ever had! Zooooooom! Sammy can’t keep up!

Last night she slept in the living room in a dog bed. My friend slept on the sofa, she stayed close to him. She really seems to prefer men to women.

My sense is that she is a really sweet dog. She is very independent and prefers to hang out on the front porch rather than inside.

She jumps on the furniture, seems like she likes dog beds. Other than basic training to control her exuberance, she is great around the house. I left her for 3 hours yesterday with my dogs inside and had no problems.

She likes to snuggle and responds well to praise. She takes treats and eats her meals quickly, but is learning to slow down.

We are working on her jumping on people, she learns fast.

What Lab Rescue Says:

Lilly appears to be a very sweet and playful young girl. That being said, she will benefit from training to keep her safe e.g. not bolting out doors and not jumping on people and,or furniture, as well as counter surfing. Both fosters have said she seems very trainable. With her first foster, after only two days of enforcing door and gate etiquette (reinforced with treats), she caught on how to sit and wait for the OK before going through the door/gate...(most of the time).

Lilly seems to be housetrained and has been trustworthy when left for short periods in the home.

She enjoys car rides and is a very quiet passenger, preferring to lay on the floor and peek up at you. When you arrive at your destination, she does get excited and is ready to exit the car right away.

We think Lilly would do well with another nice dog as she enjoys the company and playtime. She is reported to react to cats and birds and should go to a home without them. Since she is a young dog, it would be best if she were in a home where she wouldn't be left for long stretches of the day, a home where her family could spend time with her, put her through basic training, and help acclimate her to her new, forever home.

Medical:Lilly is spayed, up-to-date with vaccinations. microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Lilly is located in: Brisbane.

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