Lily Rose

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Lily Rose: 11-year-old female black Lab 70-lb Spayed

Background: The Lodi owner of Lily Rose passed away suddenly and her friends swooped in to find new forever homes for her four dogs (two pitties, one small dog, and Lily) and her cats. All have made their way to rescue organizations. We sure got lucky with Lily Rose.

What Lily’s foster says: Lily Rose is a gentle soul with a calm quiet manner. A hearty meal, a slow stroll and a soft warm bed are among her favorite things. She loves the companionship of her humans. Lily is a sweet and tender senior dog. She was very tired yesterday; the morning walk and bath wore her out. She slept all afternoon and tucked herself into her bedroom dog bed by 8 PM. I was in the bedroom reading, so she had company. I left her today for the first time for about 3 hours. Upon my return, she greeted me with a chattering jaw and lots of panting. I am going to begin taking her to work with me next week. We went on afternoon walk today and she strolled along, but there was more panting and she was a bit pensive. I think it was residual stress from being alone. She is napping now. I do suspect there is some arthritis on board. She has some definite stiffness and stumbles easily. She drinks multiple bowls of water each day (and drinks in the night). It may be out of anxiousness. I am hoping to gently introduce her to my daughter’s pups this weekend, on a walk. Lily seems very comfortable with my husband and I. She is still settling in, but I believe she is very happy here with us. Maybe she wants to stay… Hah!

What Lily’s Rescue Rep says: What a gem! Lily gets along with other dogs, cats, and people. Would be a wonderful companion for someone taking life at a slow bell. Walks pretty darn good on leash. Best in a home without lots of stairs or steps, and a flat backyard.

Medical: Lily is current on Rabies and distemper vax, microchipped, and spayed. She will be headed to our vet soon for a full check-up.

Lily is located in: Danville.

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