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Video: Loki loves the tennis ball

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Video: Loki cannot get enough ball

Loki: 18-month-old male yellow Lab 78 pounds neutered

Background: Loki was found as a stray on December 8th -- who the heck loses a handsome dog like this? We pulled him out of the local shelter and brought him into our program on Christmas Eve.

What Loki’s foster says: Very high energy, sweet disposition, settles down quickly after initial rowdy meeting with strangers. Loki will bark when he hears unfamiliar noise around the house, and barks a lot on our hikes when he saw other dogs. Likes going on long walks and hikes, pulls on the leash and sometimes walks right next to me. A bit overexuberant on walks; likes to bite his leash and jump in the air during a walk. Curious and friendly meeting other dogs, likes to sniff and say hello. Sleeps in his crate all night without whining or crying. Spends sometime in the crate during the day when I head out; he barely lifts his head when I return and open the door to the crate; he really does settle down nicely and chill. Doesn’t jump on the couch or counter surf. Doesn’t beg while I’m eating. Not yet completely house-broken; work in progress.

What Loki’s Rescue Rep says: Loki is a nice boy but a handful as many young labs are. He loves to play fetch with tennis balls. Exuberant, active, sweet, and a bit mouthy. He is pretty rowdy when meeting other dogs – very playful, wants to wrassle. We found him to be a big goof ball, strong, but willing to listen and learn. Loki is a novice at walking on leash. He has a nice soft mouth when taking treats. Have just started working on his crate-training. He is one handsome fella. Loki will need a strong adopter that is ready to give this guy lots of exercise. Not for the faint hearted. Basic obedience training would be invaluable with this guy. Probably not an ideal dog for families with small kids.

Medical Information: Loki is in great health. He is microchipped, current on vaccinations, neutered, and heartworm negative.

Loki is located in: San Rafael.

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