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LOLA - 7 year-old Chocolate Female Lab Mix, Spayed, 51 Pounds

Lola was found as a stray and came to us from a shelter in the South Bay. She was adopted through them, but returned within a day, as she snapped at one of the family cats.

The shelter named her Genesis, but she did not respond to it. Lab Rescue and a trainer tossed out a number of names to get her attention, and the one that seemed to stick was Lola, so Lola she became, nicknamed "Lolapop" by the trainer's son.

Lola arrived with some missing fur on her back and tail; the vet thinks it's from flea allergies. She has extremely worn teeth, likely from years of chewing on her fur and skin. It appears she's had a litter, or two.

Lola came into Lab Rescue in the mid part of January. She is a very quiet and calm dog. She doesn't do well around dogs in close quarters and will growl and snap, but is fine with them outside. It is likely Lola lived in a home environment as she is very comfortable in the house, housetrained, and even tries to get on the sofa.

She has little interest in toys or balls, but she does like food, treats, and marrow bones! She sits and will raise her paw for treats and takes them ever so gently. She walks okay on a leash with a no-pull harness, except if there are squirrels. She does have prey drive, and also exhibited her interest in squirrels at an open field behind the shelter.

Lola spent a day with a trainer, and here's some of what she said:

Lola is very gentle and sweet with people. Not sure about dogs yet. She will probably enjoy her life as an only dog with humans. She growled at my dog while in the house. She will chase after squirrels! She is a great hiker, 4 miles easy, and didn’t complain about the rain.

What Lola's Fosters Say:

Lola is beginning to open up a bit, and is showing some excitement about things in life.

At meal time she has started to jump around a little in that joyful way they have.

When we pick up the harness she seems to understand that it means she's going out, and stands nicely while we put it on. She tried once to get on the couch; I could tell by the look on her face she knew that was a no no. Good girl!

She is better on her walks, not quite so mulish about straining at the leash and sometimes will just walk nicely with a loose leash, although she does like to range back and forth ahead of me. She really doesn't like the part of the walk where she has to turn around.

In the yard, she will give a tug and a push to the gates, but otherwise seems happy to explore things while we do our outside chores. She discovered gopher runs this week and could probably tunnel under a fence given time.

She generally settles down for the night as soon as she has had her evening meal, and has slept for up to 14 hours one night.

She did bark at one dog this week, the other dog was an aggressive little off leash thing that ran up to her, snarled and snapped at her. Other than this one very understandable moment, she has been non reactive when other on leash dogs yapped, snarled, etc.

We are enjoying her a lot.

Medical information: Lola is spayed, microchipped, heartworm free and up to date on vaccinations.

Lola is located in: Soquel

The ideal home for Lola would be one where someone is around much of the day to spend time with her, provide basic obedience training, and be her leader. Lola should be an only dog, and no cats. Contact Rescue Rep Kris at In your email, please tell me about your experience with Labs, and the kind of Lab you are looking for.

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