Shady Lucy

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Shady Lucy: 7 year old spayed purebred black female Lab 65 lbs.

Background: Lab Rescue was contacted by Shady Lucy's owner as they needed to find a new forever home for her. She was purchased from a breeder as a puppy and they love her very much. Due to unforeseen circumstances they need to rehome her. Curious about her name? The kids couldn't decide on a name. One wanted Shady and the other wanted Lucy so she became Shady Lucy but in the end she has a bunch of nicknames and responds to all of them - Shady, Shady Lu, Shady Luce, ShahLu, Shooey, even Shazoo! Owner has provided photos of Shady Lucy's mom and dad.

From Shady Lucy's Foster: I met Shady Lucy with my two male Guide Dog career change dogs. She was wonderful when she met my dogs. We went home and from the first night she slept on her dog bed through the night. We discovered that she doesn't like the vacuum. She enjoys going on walks with my dogs and walks well on the leash. Shady Lucy is happy hanging out with her foster Dad while he's working at home. She is very spry. Through she has mild arthritis in her spine, it isn't slowing her down. In one day she went on a 1/2 hour leash walk in the morning, an off leash pack walk with the dog walker for 45-60 minutes and then another 1/2 leash walk before bed. She walks at a good pace on a leash. Notes - fabulous recall (checks in), confident, quiet, stays right by your side when you hike, does not eat random things and run off of trail, calm, chipper, happy demeanor, doesn't chew, no food/toy aggression, wants to please people, a smile that could kill. Happy, sweet, girl. An absolute doll, she's so happy on the trail.

From Shady Lucy's Dog Walker: Beautiful, happy smile. Rides well in car. Treat motivated. Happy and friendly with other dogs. Hikes off leash, doesn't stray/waits for you to catch up. A bit timid: friendly but needs to get to know you. Good on pack walks!

From Shady Lucy's Rescue Rep: Pure gentle sweetness! Shady Lucy just turned 7. She was recently diagnosed with Addison's disease. Dogs diagnosed with Addison's, with proper treatment, are expected to have normal lifespans. Addison's occur when the adrenal glands fail to produce the hormones that are in charge of the body. This is typically treated with a steroid hormone tablet and a monthly injection. Shady Lucy is an easy dog to have around. She is housebroken. She knows sit, stay and down. She has been raised with kids 8 years and up. She has prey drive so no cats in the home please.

Lab Rescue is looking for someone who is active and wants to open their heart to love and care for this happy girl forever, provide daily walks/hikes, take her for her monthly vet visit and receive lots of love in return.

Medical: Besides Addison's disease, she is healthy, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and microchipped.

Shady Lucy is located in: Oakland.

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