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Luke: 7-Year-Old Male Yellow Lab, Neutered 110 Pounds

Background: Luke came from a family in Georgia who was unable to care for him and his canine sister (not related). The two dogs were living in the basement and were in need of better care and more attention. Lucky for Luke and his canine sister, the family has a distant relative who lives in the Bay Area and offered to take them in and find homes for each of them. Luke's canine sister, a Labradoodle, found a home.

What Luke's Foster Says: Meet Luke... He is a 6 year old full English Labrador. Luke has been professionally trained since he was a puppy, no behavior problems besides boredom which presents as chewing things up like toys and blankets. He knows 'sit', 'stay' and probably more if given some motivation. In our home, he gets along with all the dogs, he loves to play and loves his toys. He is all Labrador, completely food motivated, loves water, loves to please. He loves his toys so if challenged he will try and keep it from another dog but I just say 'no', firmly put my hand on his back/collar, he immediately cowers. He loves his crate and takes treats very gently. I would love to see Luke with a family, he loves little children. He lights up at just the sound of kids. He would be a big nanny dog. He would do well with other dogs or cats but he needs a person to take him as their new best friend. He NEEDS human companionship the most. Luke has missed out on human connection and needs that the most. He is an ideal family dog! The only negative thing is shedding. He sheds a lot, so wood floors or tile would be ideal to keep things easy to clean.

What Luke’s Rescue Rep Says: So much fun and energy in this miniature pony! Luke is one big, friendly guy. He reportedly gets along with all people, children, and other dogs. He gets a little growly when it comes to toys, not around people, but around other dogs. He loves affection. Takes treats fairly gently but quite eagerly. Luke is a chewer of soft things and a mutilator of soft toys so he needs attention and a watchful eye. I think his previous life of living in the basement left him chewing things out of boredom. As long as he's regularly exercised and receives the consistent attention of being a part of a family, he should do fine. We'd love to see Luke with a family that has the time for him. One where he will be a welcome member of the family and not left for long periods of the day. He is strong and does pull on the leash, but does not exhibit any leash aggression. He's just raring to go and eager to explore the sights and smells of the outdoors.

Medical: Luke is neutered. He is up-to-date on DA2PP, Rabies, Bordetella and is heartworm negative. He does have some lesions on his paws and some squishy excess skin on his stomach that we are getting checked at the end of July.

Luke is located in: Pacifica.

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