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Video: Luke playing with toy

LUKE: 2 year old purebred male black Lab 85 lbs (needs to lose ~10 lbs) neutered

Background: Luke was originally purchased from a breeder. He was too much dog so he was then given to a friend. Sadly that owner passed and her mom took Luke. She loves Luke but cannot give him the time and energy for training and exercise that he needs. His current owner describes him as full of life, curious, energetic and happy to play at all hours.

From Luke’s Foster: Luke wakes up about 6 AM. So far, walks and playing fetch with a tennis ball are his favorite. Luke is fine with dogs but doesn’t have any interest in playing with them. He doesn’t bother the chickens either. He would be a great only dog. He will happily take his walk and then happily sleep at the feet of his person. Luke likes to pick up things he isn’t supposed to and will occasionally chew them. We find it helpful to have Luke drag a thin leash so that we can correct his behavior quickly if we need to, particularly for jumping and counter surfing. He will counter surf any chance he gets and cannot be left unsupervised with food on the counter for even a minute. He also jumps up on people when greeting them. While Luke is pretty good with kids and is happy to play with and snuggle with them, we recently discovered that if the kids are on a bike, scooter or anything with wheels, he will chase and try to nip.

From Luke’s Rescue Rep: Luke is one handsome dude and a wonderfully enthusiastic dog. He is big and he is strong. When I walked in their front door he greeted me with such a big jump that it almost knocked me over. Once I was sitting, he greeted me with love and affection. He barks when he gets excited. He is both house trained and crate trained.

Luke knows many commands including sit, stay, down, wait, shake, leave it and off (when all 4 feet are on the ground.) He is very treat motivated and takes treats gently. He loves to fetch, play tug, swim, hike and ride in the car. Included in his likes are belly rubs!

Lab Rescue is looking for an experienced Lab owner who has raised a young high energy dog. He needs consistent exercise throughout the day in order settle. With guidance, training and lots of exercise he will excel. If kids are in the house they must be teenagers and older and dog savvy. Lab Rescue wants Luke to be an only dog at this time.

Medical: Luke is neutered, current on vaccs, Heartworm negative and chipped.

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