LuLu Belle

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LuLu Belle: 12-year-old yellow female lab 78 pounds

Background: LuLu Belle was found wandering the streets in the Ukiah area and the shelter tried to contact the microchip and no one called back for this sweet girl! Someone did call us back who knew the owner and they said he was homeless and could not care for her any longer.

What LuLu’s Foster says: She really is a special girl!. She is even keel and blends right in with our 9 years old Lab, five month old puppy our Chihuahua mix and a Yorkshire dog that we are temporarily babysitting for the week! She loves going to the park and she walks at her own pace. She sits close to us while we are on our computers but she doesn't seem to be too needy. She loves a belly rub and tends to beg for snacks but this little sweetie needs to burn a few pounds. We feed her Nulo with pumpkin sauce to cut down her weight and we take her out every day. Sometimes she will relax on the back or front porch. She has never had an accident in the house, which is fantastic! I think Lulu Belle easily blends well and adapts easily to new environments. She’s really a sweet dog, perfect for someone who doesn’t want an energetic lab but loves the affection, obedience and joyful attitude labs bring! I’ve been walking with her both on and off leash as she’s not terribly fast, and she’s very good with recall. She is very trusting and willing. She stood very well for her first bath in the tub though she was nervous. And she even let me scale the calculus off her upper canines. She loves to be close to her person. And she’s very loyal. She loves to be invited to sleep in the bedroom, but perfectly ok with her dog bed downstairs too. Also she does not bark much, only when someone comes to the door.

What LuLu’s Rescue Rep says: She is such a sweet girl and we would love to get her into a home that understands older dogs. She likes to go on short walks and sill has some pep in her step! She does not mind other dogs and we are not sure about cats!

Medical Information: LuLu Belle is spayed, is current on vaccinations, microchipped and heartworm negative. We did a full blood panel on her and everything came back great. She has some stiffness and we have her on NSAIDS and a few lumps and bumps but don’t we all!

LuLu Belle is located in: Vallejo

If you are interested in LuLu Belle, email Rescue Rep Liz,

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