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LUNA: 13 Month Year Old Yellow Female Lab 60-65 lbs Spayed

Background: Luna was purchased from a breeder up North for the owner’s niece. (The niece is 72 and has a therapy dog.) They thought the current therapy dog would pass in the next 2 years and Luna would be her next therapy dog. Well this plan is not going to work as Luna is a very young active girl. (The niece is actually scared of Luna.) Luna is in a great home currently, but the owner is elderly, and she can’t take Luna for walks as she is in a walker and lives on a steep hill. Luna has been well cared for but needs much more. The owner called GGLRR as she wants Luna to go to a good home and felt GGLRR would find her that home.

What Luna’s Rescue Rep says: Sweet full of energy Luna! I met Luna and she is a great dog and is well behaved for not being able to burn off any energy. She will jump up on you when greeting but will listen when you say down. She was a bit of a wild child as she does not get to see many people and of course the lack of exercise. She is housetrained and she sleeps in her crate at night. She may chew on things if not given the appropriate chew toys like all puppies do! (She is 13 months but still a puppy.) Her owner has given Luna a great foundation but realizes that she can’t give a young active dog the exercise they need. Luna will need better leash skills, the owner said she did not do so well at the dog park as she played rough sometimes with the other dogs. (A lot of this has to do with the lack of exposure with other dogs and lack of exercise). Luna loves the water, loves the rain and the owner said she would be a great scent dog. (They have owned several labs and pointers.) Luna has a very soft mouth when taking treats, you can take any food away from her and she has no issues if you want to take any toys away. (She may think you want to play with her.) We want a home for Luna that will get her training, plenty of exercise and a home that understands they will be adopting a 60 – 65 pound puppy. Luna has a decent foundation, but the new adopter will need to be committed to Luna for more training. We are not sure about a home with other dogs; if a home with other dogs it has to be young dogs that will want to play and dogs that are fine with a young active dog. We are not sure abut a home with cats. (I do think Luna would chase a cat as she would think it's a fun game.) Don’t let that cute smile fool you!

Medical: Luna has no health issues. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, heartworm negative and is microchipped. I have her entire medical file and her breeder's paperwork.

Luna is currently located in: San Anselmo

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