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Luna: 3-year-old female black Lab mix Not Yet Spayed 70 lb

Background: Luna was surrendered from a Modesto home as the landlord did not appreciate Luna digging holes in the backyard. Her previous owners left her in the backyard for long hours during the day and, no doubt, boredom led to the digging. Luna has been in a Lab Rescue home since Sunday, March 21st… and is still decompressing from this transition. Her current fosters do not feel they are up to the challenge of fostering this strong and anxious gal.

What Luna’s previous owner says: We’ve had Luna since she was a puppy. She’s has been around lots of people and teenagers; never been around children under 5. She gets along great with our cat -- wants to play. Luna is lovable, playful, energetic. She is crated [in the garage] during the night and spends the entire day in our backyard. Unfortunately we have to leave her alone in the backyard for nine hours or so during each work day. We’ve taken Luna walking to the park and gone running with her. Almost every day we play fetch with a ball and frisbee in our backyard with her. She has never been socialized with other dogs. She likes to ride in the car. Luna will bark and jump up on people when she meets them. She has shown some possessiveness with her toys -- she does not want to give them up. Luna is a playful dog who has an abundance of energy that requires lots of attention. She loves going to the park and playing with the ball. She needs someone who has a lot of patience and has the time for her.

What Luna’s foster says. We have had an exciting two weeks with Luna in our lives. She has made great progress from the first day, when she refused to let us put a collar on her, had no idea how to behave on a leash, and wouldn’t eat a bite of food. She is one of the most loving, attention-desiring dogs I have ever met, and will let you pet her, rub her ears and neck, and scratch her belly as long as you are willing. Over the course of a few days, Luna has settled down to the point that she readily accepts having a collar or harness put on her, eats (albeit lightly), plays with a ball, and goes into her crate without too much argument. She comes when she is called pretty well, and is now quite manageable on a leash. She really loves attention, and will follow you around wherever you go. We feel very comfortable with her in the back yard, and laugh at her constant efforts to stay in touch with what we are doing. Luna would definitely benefit from some steady work on basic good dog habits and behaviors, but given the progress she has made in a week, we’re sure that she will be a good student.

What Luna’s Rescue Rep says. Luna is a strong and rambunctious dog. Lots of spirit. She needs more attention and human time. Seems like she is just learning to walk on leash (on a harness with the clip in the front) -- she is all over the place. She may take you for a tow if you are not on your game. Luna is a bit sensitive to having a harness or collar placed on her -- a recent vet visit in which she was muzzled may have contributed to this behavior. Her current fosters have been crating her at night -- and she will whine and bark at first but then settles down for the night. Looking for a new foster that has experience handling strong, energetic dogs and is willing to guide Luna through settling in. Luna needs leadership and structure. She is fine with other dogs. Dunno about cats.

Medical: Luna is in good health, current on vaccinations and negative for heartworm. Luna still needs to be spayed and microchipped.

Luna is currently located in: Vallejo.

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