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Mack: 7-year-old male black Lab 70 pounds neutered

Background: Who left who? Did his former owners dump him on the streets? Did he seek greener pastures? We may never know. But after a brief stint at the Humane Society of the North Bay, where no one came to claim him, Mr. Mack howled with glee when he was selected to join the Golden Gate Lab Rescue program.

What Mack’s Foster says: Mack is a total sweetheart. He enjoys playing ball but is not obsessed. He could not be a more considerate house guest -- he sleeps as late as the family does, takes care of business in the yard, and sticks to his bed on the floor. Mack tires pretty quickly on his park outings and sleeps the rest of the day. He is super friendly with other dogs and always submissive (whether sharing food or balls). He has met our two cats and quickly acknowledged their superiority, so all co-exist nicely. Mack loves a good meal but has yet to counter surf. He needs some work on leash manners and recall but is eager to please and should be easy to train.

What Mack’s Rescue Rep says: What a gentle and engaging fellow! Mack is recovering from some flea dermatitis… and likely suffering from some arthritis and stiffness in his back legs. But he is all game when it comes to attention and belly scratches and ball fetching and chewing. Never met a tennis ball he did not want to chomp on. This guy will make someone a great companion for walks, romping in the park, or just relaxing at home.

Medical Information: Mack is neutered, microchipped, and current on Rabies and distemper vax. He will soon visit our vet for a full-check-up.

Mack is located in: Berkeley.

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