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Video: Maisy retreiving the dummies

Video: Maisy and the squeaky chicken

Video: Maisy and Rookie loving the rope-tug

Maisy: 2-year-old female black Lab 50-lb Not yet spayed

Background: Maisy is a purebred AKC-registered Lab, originally from Montana. Trained as a field trial dog, she is full of spirit and energetic. She cannot sit still. Her “play” switch is ON all the time.

What Maisy's owner Says: We purchased her when she was six-months-old and planned to cross breed her with one of our own Labs. We produce one litter of Lab pups every few years. But Maisy’s anxieties have caused us to rethink breeding her. She shows some OCD-like behavior when in her outside kennel and garage crate… by spinning in circles. She does not sit still long enough to allow you to touch her – always in motion. In addition, she has demonstrated some snarkiness (growling) at our other female Labs. Maisy is fine with our male Labs and spends hours running around with them and playing rope pull. While we have not used Maisy for hunting, she is able to retrieve bumpers/dummies per field trial standards. Maisy has never been around children or cats, but she has spent time with horses. We had her try out as a police detection canine but she was too anxious around motorcycles and that was a non-starter. Given her over-the-top high-energy we have not allowed her to roam freely inside our home – so she is likely not house-trained.

What Maisy's Rescue Rep Says: Maisy will do best in a home with lots of room to run and exercise. Definitely not a city dog. May not even be a suburbia dog. Maisy’s ideal adopter is an outdoors-person who loves to hunt and fish, who snowshoes in the winter, who hikes in the mountains in the summer, and who needs a devoted four-legged side-kick. Ranch life would be wonderful for Maisy. Not for the timid at heart; not for the couch-potato doggie-snuggler; not for those inexperienced with energized American field labs.

Medical: Maisy is in great shape. She received an excellent grade for her OFA hip radiograph. Maisy is current on distemper vax and microchipped, but due for a Rabies vax and needs to be spayed.

Maisy is currently located in: Sebastopol.

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