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Bean and Maple watching the treats

Maple and Bean on a walk

Maple: 8-yr-old female chocolate Lab 80 pounds spayed

Background: Maple (and her brother Bean) are unable to go with their human family on their move overseas… so their people must reluctantly find a new home for both dogs. Together since birth, Maple and Bean get along great with each other but their owners feel they will be fine adopted separately. We have already found a new forever home for Bean.

What Maple’s owners say: Maple is a healthy 8-year-old dog at the correct weight, and with energy that lets you take her with you hiking, swimming, camping, and on trips. Maple is a very passionate and compassionate dog and for that reason we call her "therapy dog." She will come snuggle you just so if you have a headache, she will lick the face of your child when they are cry out or just because they are giggling, and join into a family hug or play wrestling to lick everyone and make sure everyone is happy. She inserts herself into the action -- whether it’s a crashing wave or people talking, and can also be unflappable, calm as cucumber. She is also a stubborn and "pushy broad" as we jokingly call her, and though we have been strictly training her for 1.5 years, still can get pushy at mealtime as we scoop out the food, sticking her nose in, or trying to get out of the door if she thinks she is going to be left out of some fun, or very rarely jumping up in excitement. If you can accept these couple quirks, her positive qualities repay you with benefits. More on her willfulness, for better or worse: though she is not allowed on our furniture, she needs regular reminders, or blockades at night. Maple gets away with some things because of her pushiness with a strong topping of sweet - like when Maple climbs into bed in the morning and finds her way under your arm, licking you, so that it can be hard to move her and then it seems cozier to just enjoy her talent for snuggling. She is also squirrel and cat crazy when she sees them outside our window, and has that desire to chase, but when faced with either in the flesh, doesn't know what to do about her excitement. She is such a strong and humorous personality and so darn loving that while she can frustrate, you almost admire her for it in the big picture. Maple loves to run in open spaces and explore. Maple can occasionally bolt if the door is left open but probably wouldn't if she had a yard for some more movement. When she leaves, she comes back joyfully in about 20 seconds after sniffing for a squirrel and enjoying the moment of freedom. We think it’s because she was stuck in a back yard at her previous house for so long that she reacts to this open door as a reason to run. Maple needs an owner that doesn't expect her to be 100% tamed but a good 95% excepting her quirks.

What Maple’s Rescue Rep says: Maple is a great dog for a family with kids or active adult, with an eye on the front door because of her bolting. The recipe for adoption success for Maple should include: camping, hiking, trips to beach, pool action, belly rubs, lots of walks and exercise… and little bit of obedience. Maple was crate-trained in the past but is likely out of practice. Maple will chase cats!

Medical Information: Current on vaccinations, chipped, spayed, and negative for heartworm. Maple is recovering from a recent injury to one of her back legs.

Maple is located in: Berkeley.

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