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MARLEY: 7 Year-Old Yellow Male Labrador, 81 Pounds, Neutered

Background: A Good Samaritan reached out to Lab Rescue after she had found Marley on a website in need of rescue. She volunteered her time, making a three-hour drive, to pull Marley for us and be an emergency foster for him while she was on her vacation. The shelter was familiar with Marley's former family, as he had lived with them all of his life. He and another Lab (Tessa) were raised together and were purchased as puppies by the sons of the family. These sons moved out, leaving Marley and Tessa under the care of their parents. After getting off the property and wandering about, Marley and Tessa were picked up by animal control more than once, and this time, the parents said they would not be coming to pick them up. Tessa is still being evaluated and is not yet in our program. Although they were raised together, the shelter staff do not think they are a bonded pair.

What Marley's Foster Says: Marley is a very, very well behaved guy with medium energy level. At home, he never chews on anything and does not jump on beds, furniture, or people. He always begs to be let onto the bed but we tell him “no” and he has never disobeyed. When he needs to go to the bathroom he will let you know and has never had an accident while staying with us. He understands and listens to basic commands. Although Marley likes treats, he prefers people’s company and being pet over food. He takes treats gently and is not greedy with food.

When going out for walks, Marley prefers his humans to walk briskly (e.g. 2 to 3 mph) but with time he can be trained to walk at a slower pace. He likes playing with kids and drinking water out of a garden hose.

We think Marley will do best with someone who can spend a lot of time with him as he likes people and will follow you around. He does not like being left alone and wants to go on car rides, too. Someone who can take him out for a few walks a day and take him for a ride every now and then would be good for Marley. He gets along with other pets but will stand his ground if other dogs try to bully him. He gets a little worried if another dog approaches his food while he is eating and will give a warning growl.

Oh, and his way of greeting or saying “hello” to people is to give a single bark! But he rarely says “hello” when his humans get home…he just bounces up and down on his front paws!

What Marley's Rescue Rep Says: Marley is very new to the program, and we are still learning more about him. Upon taking him to the vet, he did bark at most dogs, of which there were a lot in the waiting area (approx 10). He did fine with his exam and let the vet do what she needed to do, all the poking and prodding. Marley let the rep give him a bath without any protest and just barked at some of the dogs in the neighboring tubs.

After spending about five hours with him- in the car, at the vet, and a bath, Marley was quite sweet and attentive. He is strong on the leash, but more manageable with a front clip harness. He's not accustomed to jumping into the car, or upon things, so he does require some help. The foster reports he is terrified of their stairs.

He is presently being fostered with the foster's small dog and reported to be doing fine, although he recently barked at some other dogs while out on a walk when the wife and their small dog were walking with them, so Marley may have felt the need to protect them. The foster will be further monitoring his behavior on walks.

Lab Rescue will be looking for a home that will provide leadership, training, guidance, and consistent exercise. Also as important, a home where he is welcomed as part of the family, one that appreciates a dog to be near. A home where someone is home most of the time and can keep him active. Marley is overweight so more exercise and proper food portions should trim him down nicely. With Marley being more a people dog, rather than a dog dog, another calmer, canine sibling might work well. We don't know how Marley is with cats.

Medical Information: Marley is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative.

Marley is located in: San Francisco.

If you are interested in Marley, please contact Kris @ Please note our service area consists of the greater SF Bay Area.

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