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Mary: ~ 5 year-old female chocolate Lab/Shepherd mix 75 lbs spayed

Background: Mary found herself injured and homeless in the Yolo County Shelter. She may have been hit by a car, we can’t know for sure, but in any case she had several fractures, one of which needed surgery. UC Davis generously stepped in and gave Mary the surgery she needed, and Lab Rescue now has her safely in her foster home waiting eagerly to find her forever home!

We think Mary is around 5 years old; she has lots of energy in spite of being somewhat limited in what she can do. The shelter found her to be super sweet, and that’s what we hear from others who’ve been around her. She is affectionate and loves belly rubs. She’s learned a few commands (Sit, Lay Down). She is getting used to being an indoor dog (we think this is new to her) and with a little work, should be a wonderful companion dog!

Mary’s lucky adopter will need to continue working with her through her recovery and physical therapy. Mary has dysplasia in one hip and a reconfigured joint in the other (as a result of the surgery after her accident). She will require physical therapy at home: slow walks to ensure she puts weight on her leg, eventually build up her stamina with longer/faster walks; sit/stand exercises; walking up stairs and hills. She will require the same kind of ongoing management that an adult Lab with joint issues requires: keeping her active but not running and jumping; keeping her weight down; joint supplements (she can share your Omega 3’s).

We think Mary would do best as the only dog in the home. She would love a home with older children who understand her physical limitations. An experienced owner with the patience to get her through her recovery and continue her transition to happy indoor dog, who wants a walking and hanging out companion would be great!

What Mary’s foster says: Mary has a very sweet nature and is super affectionate. She is doing very well with a routine and is coming along with other commands of "Leave It" and "Go Potty". She enjoys being petted and will give you a loving kiss in return. I have had plenty of teen kids coming through my home and Mary has been great with them and they really enjoy Mary. She is a strong girl, even whilst recovering and has plenty of energy but can equally be relaxed, Mary enjoys having a nap under our dining table:)

What Mary’s Rescue Rep says: Mary is a super sweet dog deserving of a loving home who can get her back into shape and enjoys the challenges and satisfaction of training and developing a wonderful companion dog.

Medical information: Mary is well on the road to recovery but has some distance yet to go. We’ll share complete medical & post op records with interested adopters. Mary is spayed and up to date on her DHPP.

Mary is located in: San Francisco

If you are interested in Mary, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at (preferred) or 408-309-7830.

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