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Max: 7-year-old male yellow Lab mix ~90 lbs neutered

Background: Max was adopted from a shelter when he was a year old. He’s been with his current family ever since, but things have changed since a new baby arrived, and Max’s parents decided it’s best for him to go to a home that has more time to spend with him.

What Max’s owner says: Max has been a great dog in our family all these years. He was the "baby" until we actually had a human baby! Now he seems left out and needing more attention. Max LOVES attention and will follow you around the house just because that's his personality. He is a great shadow! He loves to play with squeaky toys, and chew bones. However, if you start chopping vegetables, Max will sneak away and hide (he hates that sound!). What we love about him is he will just hang around outside without a leash while doing yard work, and just enjoy being outdoors with us. His new owners will need to be firm with his actions and training, as he will try to get away with things in the beginning. He is a large dog who doesn't know his own size, and may bump into you or children easily. But he is a great dog once he knows his limits. We are heartbroken to give him away, but hoping it's for the best.

What Max’s Rescue Rep says: Max is a happy boy with a lot of energy! He’s crate trained (see the video!) and stays happily in his crate when his humans are not home. He used to get out to the dog park and for long walks, but it’s been awhile since that’s been his regular routine. He’s fine with other dogs but can be a bit too much for some of them. He pulls on leash when walked on a flat collar, but does settle and with a different kind of collar and some training would probably be a great dog for long walks in the neighborhood…and it would wear him out (a tired dog is a good dog!). Max has been around kids of all ages and has been very tolerant of his 16-month-old human “sibling”, but he would do best in a home with older kids (age 8 and up) due to his size and energy level.

The ideal home for Max is one where the humans have time to give him the daily walks and playtime he needs. He’s a big strong boy and would benefit from some additional training, particularly on leash, which should be a rewarding experience as well as a great bonding opportunity. Max would not do well in a home with cats.

Medical information: Max is neutered, up to date on his shots, heartworm free and on preventive.

Max is located in: San Jose

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