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Mayson: 12-year-old male black Lab mix 90 lbs neutered

We desperately need a foster for Mayson by August 30th!

Background: This sweet boy is being surrendered by his owner due to unexpected job change/loss of income and relocation with no option for housing with dogs. Mayson has been in a home with in and out privileges and access to a backyard. Prior to his he lived in an apartment and was used to daily walks. He does well in either environment and just needs a good loving home.

What Mayson’s owner says: Mayson is a sweet, kind, happy go lucky lab mix who was rescued from a shelter in Kansas City just over 10 years ago. Mayson is they type of dog that just wants kindness and attention. He loves to be around people and other pets and is very easy going in a home where he is free to hang out with the family. He loves to go for walks, and ride in the car but his favorite thing to do is eat! This guy is highly motivated by food which means he is eager for mealtime and will eat any food that is left behind by his humans even if it seems out of reach! Mayson is older now so he sleeps a lot during the day and all through the night. He is housebroken but does not do well in a crate because he does not like to be confined to any space and is used to roaming freely. He enjoys sunbathing, chewing on the occasional bone, but most of all he just wants to be loved and lay by the side of his human companion. He gets along well with children of all ages, as he has been in a family home for all his life, as well as with other pets, male or female, fixed or not. He even had a cat as a housemate for 10 years and they got along great!

What Mayson’s Rescue Rep says: Mayson is a really nice dog. He passed his handling test and his food guarding test with flying colors. He’s in good shape for 12 years old, just a few lumps here and there. He hasn’t done much leash walking for awhile so needs a bit of work there. He is a great companion dog, and he thinks that his job in life is hanging out with his humans. He’s house trained and does fine on his own in the house, but at this point in his life we’d like it if there was someone home with him. He’d be a great companion for a retired family or person.

Medical information: Mayson is in good shape for being 12 or so years young. He has a few fatty benign tumors on his body and he had one larger cyst removed in April of this year. He has recovered well from that operation and is back to normal activities. He is on no medication and needs no special care.

Mayson is located in: Saratoga, until we find a foster for him

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