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Video: Millie playing ball

Video: Millie following command

Video: Millie taking a walk

Millie: almost 11 year old yellow female Lab, ~75 pounds, spayed

Background: Millie lost her home initially when her human dad passed away, and her mom couldn’t keep Millie (and her son Brutus) any longer. The two were adopted as a pair, but things didn’t work out, and we think that Millie would be happier as the only dog in the home. We are now looking for a foster home, and ultimately a forever home for Millie.

What Millie’s family says: Millie has a great temperament with her human family and is a typical home and people loving Labrador. She will be in whatever room her humans are in – she is easy going around family members, friends and children of all ages. She will alert you when anyone is at the front door and is a good watchdog. She rarely will jump up on furniture but will counter surf every once in a while in the kitchen. Although she is almost 11, she keeps up with us on long walks and is equally happy to stay at home if she misses a walk. We do see that she will slip and lose her footing coming down hardwood stairs but she is aging very well. She prefers to stay in the main living area and will follow her humans around. She is happy to please and is a peaceful, watchful dog. Millie’s easy going personality makes her great company. Millie will use chew toys occasionally, she does like chew rawhide and other chew treats. She loves a Kong filled with peanut butter, frozen pumpkin or other food. She does not have much interest in a ball.

Unfortunately, we do travel a fair amount for kids sports and on vacations - and had planned on taking the dogs with us. Although Millie is great in the car, she is not well socialized around dogs. She can be walked with treats and talked through passing other dogs in the street but would not be a good candidate for off-leash or dog park situation.

What Millie’s rep says:

Millie is a really nice dog who’s had a lot of changes in her life in the past year. She has had some training and is responsive and eager to please. She’s a typical older girl, happy to hang out with the humans. She is in good shape, and relies on a regular brisk walk to keep that way (~45 minutes/day). She needs some work walking well on a leash but is making great progress (see video!). We think she’d do best as the only dog in the home. She is not a dog park, take anywhere, group pack walk kind of girl, but she can walk nicely (mostly indifferent) past other dogs on her walks. Millie is house trained and can be safely left alone in the house; her first foster would leave her at home with toys and put a camera on her and she would largely sleep.

The right home for Millie is one where she would be the only dog in the home and there are no cats. We’d like Millie’s new family to have experience with rescue dogs and their transitions, so they can help her through any transition issues that may crop up. Although Millie is 11, she would be happy to go to training, which is great for bonding AND results in a well trained dog. An active, experienced retired family would be ideal for Millie.

Medical Information: Millie is current on shots, spayed, heartworm negative and taking preventative.

Millie is located in: Los Gatos

If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl contact Rescue Rep Debbi at In your email please tell me about your experience with Labs, and the kind of Lab you are looking for. If you already have a dog at home, or you have a cat, Millie is NOT the dog for you!

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