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Mocha: 7-year-old male chocolate Lab 64 pounds neutered

Background: Mister Mocha wound up at a local city shelter, surrendered by his previous owner who reported that Mocha had severe grass allergies. Huh! He thoroughly impressed the shelter staff with his friendliness and ability to get along with other dogs. He definitely had an objection to hanging out in a cage waiting and waiting, so Lab Rescue sprung him to a foster home. And we are soooo very glad we did.

What Mocha’s Foster says: Mocha is adjusting well and what a sweetheart!. He’s a pleasure to have around and is anxious to please. He would be a great dog for a family or a retired person where he can get the attention he deserves. I don’t think he has had a lot of training but he sits and comes pretty much without hesitation. He is well mannered and very chill with my older lab Bella, but is always up for a game of fetch. Mocha rides in the car without problems. At night he sleeps downstairs and cries a little when I first go upstairs but then he settles down. I think he is grateful to be out of the shelter and with people. So far he hasn’t barked once and has a gentle mouth when taking treats. Hopefully his fur loss can be remedied with nutrition, regular baths and medication. Mocha is a bit of a “Velcro dog”… as he sticks very closely to me as I move about the house.

What Mocha’s Rescue Rep says: What a buddy this guy is going to make for some family or individual. He is mostly interested in his people, but does great with other dogs. No idea how he is with cats, but I would guess that he’d be fine. Loves to fetch. Loves to walk. Loves to get affection. Would probably be fine in a family with children, although he has lots of energy and can be a bit jumpy when he gets excited.

Medical Information: Mocha is current on vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. He is recovering from some skin affliction (flea dermatitis?) on his backside… with some medicated shampoo. He just visited our vet for a check-up, and he was found to be positive for heartworm… so we have started him on the associated meds and protocol to rid him of the heartworms.

Mocha is located in: Petaluma.

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