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Video: Mowgli and rope toy

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Mowgli: ~2-year-old, male not yet neutered, black Lab, 75 pounds

Background: This big guy meandered into a central valley shelter with another dog… and were housed together in a kennel awaiting someone to come looking for them. Turns out Mowgli was microchipped and the shelter contacted the owner, but the owner failed to come and retrieve him.

What Mowgli’s Foster says: Mowgli’s been learning how to live in a house and have good manners. At times he may be startled or unsure of something which is probably a result of being on the streets. Each day gets better though as he has more experiences and realizes he is safe now. Although we don’t have an exact age for him, he still has some puppy like qualities - has high energy, occasionally chews, needs some basic training. One thing we know for sure, he LOVES his toys! It doesn’t matter if it squeaks, jingles or silently flies, he wants it and wants you to throw it. On walks, Mowgli does very well on a leash with no pulling. He’s friendly to every dog we encounter and wants to play with them. However he hasn’t had the opportunity to be off leash yet as his recall needs work. We are working on some crate training with him... with mixed success. With some training and a stable home, Mowgli will be an amazing dog - he is truly a diamond in the rough.

What Mowgli’s Rescue Rep says:This guy is a hoot. We do not think he ever lived inside a house before, but he is getting accustomed to it – and we think he sort of likes it. He is strong with lots of energy. Loves to chase cats.

Medical Information: In fine health. Current on vaccinations and microchipped. Will soon be neutered.

Mowgli is located in: Oakland.

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