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Video: See Nala walking around

Nala: 10-year-old female chocolate Lab mix 58 lbs (soon to be spayed)

Background: Nala is a sweet older girl who somehow ended up in the shelter. There is no way this girl “got lost”, she’s just not that kind of gal! Lab Rescue went to meet her and just fell in love with her sweet face and lovely demeanor. Now we need to find her a great home who can give her the life she deserves.

What Nala’s foster says: WWe think she might be a little blind and a little deaf--she tries to walk through screen doors, and sometimes seems confused as to where we are located, and is not very responsive to us calling her (or snapping our fingers, or clapping, or anything to get her attention). In spite of her hip instability, she LOVES her walks and has great energy. And… she does not shed AT ALL. No idea how that sorcery happens, but we don't have a single hair.

What Nala’s Rescue Rep says: I fell for Nala the moment I met her. It’s clear her previous owners did not take the care of her that she deserves. She’s obviously had a litter (maybe more than one), she wasn’t spayed, her teeth are terrible and the only command she knows is Sit… but she gives sweet gentle kisses, takes treats like the lady she is, and rides like a dream in the car. And she is PERFECT on a leash! Nala might have something other than Lab in her; she has a unique lovely coat with some shades of black and gold. She loves to play with (and chew on) and walk around with a stuffed hedgehog, so cute to see! Chew toys can help keep her occupied.

If you are one of those wonderful people with a soft spot in your house for the old dogs (maybe even a senior yourself), then Nala is the one for you! We’d like her to go home with someone who understands and is comfortable with senior dogs and their needs, who can take her on lots of gentle walks, and where someone was home a good portion of the day so Nala can hang out with them. A home with another dog would be a plus; Nala is very happy when she sees other dogs, and another dog in the house would help her feel at home and comfortable. A house without stairs would probably be best for Nala. We don’t know how she is with cats; she would be fine interacting with children, but they need to be dog savvy and gentle with her.

Medical information: Overall Nala appears healthy other than the wobbles in her legs. May be a little bit blind (the beginnings of cataracts), a little bit deaf (getting older sucks!). She’ll be spayed in October. We’ve taken her in to the vet for a onceover and she’s reasonably medically sound for her age. Regular walks, and maybe some swimming will help keep her that way! Nala is Heartworm tested and on preventive, up to date on her shots, and soon to be spayed.

Nala is located in: Menlo Park

If you are interested in Nala, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at (preferred) or 408-309-7830. Please note our service area: GGLRR serves the greater SF Bay Area.

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