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Nala: 1-year-old female black Lab/mastiff mix 60-lbs spayed

Background: Things just got busy with two young kids and a new baby, and Nala’s family just did not have enough time to provide proper time and attention to Nala. This family received Nala as a young puppy from an older woman living out of her car in Sacramento.

What Nala’s former owner says: Nala is very outgoing, playful, and loving. She is house-broken and crate-trained. We’ve provided her with some of our own training and she knows a few commands like “drop”, “sit”, “stay”, “down”, and “come”. Nala like to ride in the car and will bark at strangers when she first meets them. She is great with our young kids and with our cat with whom she has grown up with. She would do best in an active home.

What Nala’s Rescue Rep says: Very engaging and affectionate. She did not bark at me and jump up at me as I was warned she would; she was interested but not in an annoying way. Nala allowed me to touch her all over. Little interest in my plush squeaky bird toy, squeaky rubber chicken, or rope toy. She allegedly does have a few toys at home that she really enjoys playing with. She romped around with her human children -- no issues there -- I think she’d be great in a family with small kids. No food guarding or resource-guarding issues -- not so interested in treats. Walks pretty good on leash; responsive to redirection. Nala was quite barky with the other dogs at the park that were in adjacent fenced-in areas; she could not get to them and that frustrated her. When we did go into the off-leash area that had other dogs, Nala was initially quite anxious and fearful with the other dogs. She was deferential and submissive to most of the other dogs, but didn’t really understand their advances. But then she warmed up and ran around with them. She was overstimulated with the multitude of dogs she encountered. Nala just need lots of positive (controlled) dog encounters. Nala is leash-reactive with other dogs -- very barky and pulling-to-the-leash to go and meet the other dog. Although she lived with a cat at her previous home, we believe placing her in a home with an existing cat might be too much for Nala given her current anxieties with dogs. Nala will need an adopter who is non-plussed about her leash-reactivity and barking/lunging towards other dogs, and is willing to work with a professional dog trainer to rehabilitate her.

Medical: Quite healthy! Current on vaccinations, microchipped and heartworm negative, recently spayed.

Nala is located in: Discovery Bay.

If you are interested in adopting Nala, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at david.c.ely@sbcglobal.net.

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