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Video: Nutmeg at the shelter

Video: Nutmeg rolling in the wet grass (right after a bath)

Video: Walking with the Nutmeg

Video: Nutmeg romping with a pal

Nutmeg: ~3-year-old female chocolate Lab 74 pounds not yet spayed

Background: The holiday season was not so happy for this young gal. Found on the downtown streets of a city in Contra Costa County on Christmas Eve, she was brought into the shelter where no one came for her. The shelter thought she might be pregnant – yikes! We pulled her on New Years Eve once her stray hold was over and got her right into a foster home. We named her “Nutmeg” as her life was about to get nicely spiced up for the New Year.

What Nutmeg’s Foster says: Since her arrival just after Christmas, Nutmeg has made a remarkable transformation. She appeared to have no prior training, but in short order she has learned “sit”, “down”, and a very short “sit-stay”. Her comportment on leash is 100% improved; she can be a bit distracted but mostly walks well beside you. She is non-aggressive toward other dogs (even the small yappy ones) and has been well-behaved and calm when greeting children on our walks. She has young dog energy and my feeling is that she would be happy in a family with children, and could enjoy doggy play-dates. She can't yet be trusted off leash in unfenced areas (needs recall training) and needs to be watched at open doors since she can bolt. Those latter will improve as she feels more secure. Like most labs she is a counter-surfer, so family members will need to learn not to leave food out. She amazes me. We went up to downtown Berkeley with her only pulling a small amount. I left her briefly while shopping at the market and she just laid down. I may be close to teaching her not to jump the baby gate at the kitchen door. She is incredibly quick to learn. I think she'll be a great family pet!

What Nutmeg’s Rescue Rep says: Sprinkle some Nutmeg on your 2020 world! This youngster is a wonderful pup looking for a warm and caring home. Nutmeg would do fine in a home with children and/or another dog. No idea how she is with cats. Nutmeg may have been a predominantly outdoor dog. She will need some continued obedience training. Nutmeg is great with kids, other dogs and very comfortable in a crate. She also is not a chewer, but needs work on counter-surfing manners.

Medical Information: Nutmeg is in good health. Our vet found her NOT to be pregnant. Current on vaccinations and microchipped. Not yet spayed. Recovering from an ear infection. Awaiting result of her heartworm test. Nutmeg has an underbite and our vet found that several upper/lower teeth are grinding against each other causing her jaw to look misaligned – likely needs a few teeth removed.

Nutmeg is located in: Danville.

If you are interested in adopting Nutmeg, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at or 415-686-4248.

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