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Video: Ollie walking on leash

Video: Ollie relaxing on the grass

Ollie – 11-year-old male yellow Lab 58 pounds not yet neutered

Background: Oliver (we are calling him Ollie) was relinquished by local homeless folks (who allegedly just wanted to have him euthanized) to a good (er, great) Samaritan in Fremont who felt he deserved a new loving forever home. We are delighted that she rescued him and contacted us. He’s clearly had a rough life but is making a vigorous comeback in his foster home.

What Ollie’s foster says: Ollie loves company and will follow us around inside and outside the house. Will whine and bark if left alone -- working with him to build his self-confidence. Walks well on the leash; no aggression to people or pets (at social distance). Understands when he needs to go potty; stares at us and walks to the front door. Sleeps through the night; does not chew or counter-surf; comes to you when called (when he hears you). For the hard life he has had, he is a very sweet, laid-back mellow-yellow pooch.

What Ollie’s Rescue Rep says: A nice comfy bed. Good food. Some nice people to hang out with. Leisurely walks around the neighborhood. That is all this guy needs. A gentle guy who is looking for a nice place to retire and take it easy. Time for him to complete that full transition from living on the streets to being pampered in some loving home.

Medical Information: Ollie is now current on Rabies and distemper vax. Awaiting results of his heartworm test. Will soon be neutered and microchipped. He is recovering from some major flea dermatitis, and has a few small benign lumps and bumps. Ollie is taking some pain-reliever/anti-inflammatory meds to help with likely arthritis in his hips and back legs. We are trying to put some meat and muscle on him due to his weak back legs.

Ollie is located in: Danville.

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