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Video: Oso playing

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Oso: 16-month-old male black Lab 85 lbs Neutered

Background: Oso (Spanish for “Bear”) was recently recovered from a San Jose backyard by a good Samaritan who saw the listing on Craigs List for “Need to give my dog away now” or something like that. The dog had been allegedly kept in the backyard for its entire life. Good grief. The good Samaritan hoped to find a new home for Oso but soon realized that this big bear was too much for her to handle.

What Oso’s Rescue Rep says: Oso is likely a purebred Lab… and appears to have some “silver” Lab in him, as some of the fur on his face and front paws has a silvery tint to it. One handsome dog. While he passed our basic evaluation for joining the Lab Rescue program, we found that he is quite bull-headed and lacks discipline and manners. He is quick to jump up on people and has been quite mouthy. A bit of a resource-guarder too. Oso likes to throw his weight around a lot to get what he wants. Oso is currently with a dog trainer to learn some structure and self-control. While he was an attention-barker in the past, he is learning to quietly chill in his crate. Oso walks pretty nice on leash and is interested to meet other dogs which he greats eagerly but fairly nicely. He is a big dog. Not for a home with children or anyone unsteady on their feet. Oso’s adopter will be required to complete some work with the trainer to ensure they are onboard with the program to properly care for Oso. Oso will require a strong, firm adopter who is prepared for lots of exercise and structured playtime with Mr. Oso. Oso will absolutely thrive in the right hands. A great hiking or backpacking buddy – he can probably carry your tent, sleeping bag, food, firewood, and camping chair.

Medical: Current on vaccinations, microchipped, heartworm negative, and recently neutered. In stellar health.

Oso is located in San Pablo.

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