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Paisley: 6 Year Old Black Lab Mix Female 80 lbs Spayed

From Paisley’s current owners: Paisley will be six in January 2021. She weighs 80 lbs. and is an owner surrender. The current family has had her for two years. This is a sweet dog who is good around children. However, due to her weight her new family should take her weight into consideration. Paisley needs someone who is an experienced handler. She is super mellow in the house with the exception of being an alert barker, a trait some people like. Once a stranger enters the house, she is super sweet. She tends to be shy with new people. Paisley is afraid of bottles and sticks. She does not like the touch command. When she hears this command, she cowers. Her current foster has worked with her and she can now follow these commands: Sit Stay Wait Down Spot (go to her bed) Shake. She is also trained to sit before eating. Before entering the house from the back yard, she has been trained to sit until she hears the “release” command. Before jumping out of a backseat, she has been trained to “wait” until she hears the release command. Paisley has had extensive group and private training. She knows the command “heel” but will disregard it when she sees a cat or turkey or squirrel; she will get excited and want to chase. She can be afraid of fireworks. The vet prescribed medication for that: a sedative plus trazodone. Plus, she needs to sleep with her family in their bedroom and on their bed during this time. If given the opportunity to run out an open door, she will take it. But she returns in a few minutes. She has been trained to wait when emptying a trunk of groceries knowing she will receive a treat when the groceries are in the house and the door is closed. She is current on all available shots, including Bortadella. She has narrow ear canals and they need to be cleaned weekly. She is accustomed to this procedure. Paisley has arthritis but don’t tell her; she runs like a puppy! We give her glucosamine every morning. She is up to date on heartworm and flea/tick medication. She is located in Sonoma County where is has a wonderful vet.

What Paisley’s rescue rep says: Paisley is a great dog and we would love to find her a home that will continue to work on her leash skills and get her the exercise she needs. She is well trained and has been given a wonderful home for the last two years. She should not be in a home with cats and she should be fine in a home with another dog. She is big for a female so someone that will be her leader on her daily walks. Paisley can be afraid/sensitive of a few things: brushes, spray bottles and beer bottles. The current owner things she may have been abused in her previous home. She goes to doggie day care and has no issues with other dogs. She likes to ride on the car and she is a very sweet girl.

Medical Information: Spayed and has all her shots. She is up to date on heartworm and flea/tick medication.

Paisley is located in: Santa Rosa

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