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Video: Paprika getting some love

Video: Paprika relaxing with Diesel

Video: Paprika on leash in foster’s backyard (with a guy)

Paprika: 10-month-old female chocolate Lab mix 45-lb Not yet spayed

Background: The streets of Stockton were no place for this little gal; she was picked up as a stray in mid-December and taken to the local shelter. We were thrilled to get her out of the shelter and into a Lab Rescue foster home.

What Paprika’s foster says: What a darling and sweet dog! Gets along great with our own Lab “Diesel”. Paprika is very skittish, especially with men. It is like night and day how she behaves around my wife versus how she behaves with me (a guy). She runs right up to my wife seeking affection and attention; happy, happy, happy dog. But, for the first two weeks with us, she stayed as far away from me as possible – scared of me (“the monster”). She even jumped the 6-foot fence in our backyard (with the help of a chair that was alongside the fence) a week ago when I spooked her outside by mistake. We currently keep her on leash at all times when taking her to the backyard to pee and poop. Am pretty sure she is now housebroken, but she was not at first. Paprika sleeps quietly in her crate at night. My wife is just starting to carefully take Paprika on short walks around the neighborhood; she is quite wary of the big scary world around her but is very inquisitive with everything. I am still unable to get close enough to get a leash on her, so my wife does all of the leashing. Every day we are making progress gaining Paprika’s trust and keeping her from freaking out and running away from me inside the house.

What Paprika’s Rescue Rep says: We believe Paprika was abused or mistreated by a man in her past. We’d like to adopt her to a home of just women -- or any guy in the house needs to be prepared for an extended trust-building journey with Paprika. Paprika will require continued rehabilitation no matter who adopts her. Not a good match for a family with young children. Paprika would do best in a quiet calm home – with a very secure backyard.

Medical: Paprika is current on Rabies and distemper vax, and microchipped. Not yet spayed.

Paprika is located in: Redwood Shores.

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