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Video: Peaches and Lulu romping

Video: Peaches rolling in the grass with Lulu

Peaches: 2 year old female yellow Lab mix 55 pounds spayed

Background: In the first year of her life, Peaches had been in multiple homes (with owners who clearly weren't ready for a lively, curious girl like her) until a Lab Rescue volunteer adopted her a year ago. She has been thriving in her current owner’s home and she's now ready to move on.

What Peaches’ Current Owner says: Peaches fits right in with our pack of young, old, male, female, big and small canines. She’s a player, and loves racing in circles with her 1-year-old BFF, swimming, exploring, and DINNER! A growing girl, she’s eager to chow down, but is learning to wait her turn (Sit, Stay, Okay). She's working on Down and Come. Peaches is attentive and intelligent, hence responsive to training. She is a dog park regular, and would be a great companion for running, hiking, and/or the beach. She needs regular, serious exercise, which previous owners weren’t able to provide. A home with other canines and space in which to play would be great. Her energy level would suit active, athletic owners as well. Peaches is best pals with our failed foster dog Lulu.

What Peaches’ Rescue Rep says: Peaches wants to be your BFF! Peaches is sociable and eager to learn. She gets along with humans, canines, and felines, but NOT livestock. She’s happy to lie down and snooze near you, but being left alone (especially in an unfamiliar environment) makes her anxious. Peaches is a bit of a watchdog, and will bark at strangers, but is friendly once she knows they are “okay.”

Medical Information: Peaches is spayed, current on vaccinations, microchipped and heartworm negative.

Peaches is located in: Vacaville.

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