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Video: Pepper roaming around

Pepper: 13-yr-old male black Lab ~93 pounds not yet neutered

Background: This elderly gentleman was surrendered to Oakland Animal Services by an owner who has health issues and could no longer care for him. The owner’s family was unwilling to step up and take him, and just like that, Pepper was in the shelter! Now we are looking for a loving home where Pepper can spend his golden years.

What Pepper’s Foster says: Pepper is an easy-going, very quiet dog. I’ve yet to hear him bark and he’s been with me for a week! He enjoys a daily walk or two through the neighborhood. I’ve been slowly increasing the length to help him strengthen his muscles and increase his stamina. He is very easy to walk on a leash. He walks slowly, taking in every new smell and every new friend he meets with quiet abandon. It doesn’t take much to make this guy happy!

Pepper is enjoying his new diet that includes small amounts of fruits and veggies added to his kibble. I have also introduced him to high protein items like plain yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken and canned tuna. This guy deserves and will benefit from meals fit for a king!

What Pepper’s Rescue Rep says: Pepper appears to be in good health for his age. He’s gotten a good bath and has his ears cleaned. He passed his eval in the shelter, including a meet-up with a smaller dog. He picks up toys, enjoys them (especially the sqeaky ones) for a few minutes, and then loses interest. He needs someone to show him how much fun he could be having with all these toys! It’s taken a little while for him to settle in, but then if you’d been yanked out of your home of 13 years you’d be a bit discombobulated too!

He’s a little hard of hearing, isn’t pushy, likes to hang out with his humans, is really mellow. and a very nice dog. He likes to hang out with his foster mom and would like to hang out with his foster siblings (female) who are teaching him his manners when he interacts with them.

Pepper has spent more than enough time outside and alone (we know that in his prior home Pepper was mostly kept as an outside dog). We want him to go to a home who will make the last years of his life comfortable and full of love and the right kind of gentle activity enjoyed by a boy his age. Pepper would be fine in a home with another dog, it might help him to settle him and be comfortable. We don’t know how Pepper would be with cats or children.

Medical Information: Pepper is current on vaccinations and microchipped. He’s scheduled for a onceover and to be neutered next week. He is a little stiff in his back legs, and he may be hard of hearing.

Pepper is located in: San Jose.

If you are one of those wonderful people with a soft spot in your heart for an older gentleman like Pepper, and would like to make his golden years as wonderful as he is, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at (preferred) or call/text 408-309-7830.

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