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Video: Red on a walk

Red: 11-year-old male red Lab mix, ~70 lbs, neutered

Background: San Jose Animal Care Center reached out to Lab Rescue to see if we would be interested in meeting him. At first look he was a mess: his coat was filthy and disgusting, both eyes had yuk coming out of them, he was overweight….of course we took him! This sweet old boy deserves a much better life than he’s had so far. Red is now in a wonderful foster home learning what life should be like for a boy like him, and waiting for us to find his forever home.

What Red’s foster says: Poor sweet Red definitely had a hard life before finding his way to Lab rescue. He was filthy and had sores all over. He seemed afraid of coming inside, and darted outside when offered the chance. He flinched when we tried to pet him.

We think he knows how to keep his space clean, and have been working with him to learn which space is for keeping clean, so he can be reliably house trained. After a few early accidents, he’s kept the home clean.

With time, we are seeing him grow more comfortable and confident being around people. He accepts food from our hands and now eats his whole meals inside with us. After a long and thorough bath, he has gone from a chocolate lab to more of an ombré with gold, red, and chocolate coloring and a white patch on his chest. He’s started to enjoy long walks where he can smell all the interesting things.

Even though we can see that a lot of this has been scary and confusing for Red, he’s got a willing and lovable spirit, and we have loved watching him grow more comfortable being a family member.

What Red’s Rescue Rep says: When I met this sweet, sad, overweight old boy at SJACC I was horrified. He had the wiriest (and filthiest) fox red coat I’ve ever seen. His back legs shook, his ears were scabby and peeling, he had wounds on his elbows and something on his front leg, wasted muscles, an ulcer on his neck and possibly on his penis as well, and lousy teeth. It broke my heart to see how his humans had so completely failed him.

In spite all that, he passed his dog to dog, he eventually took some kibble gently from my hand, and wonder of wonders, sat when asked (did a halfway down when asked). So while it appears that this boy may have been neglected, abused and on his own for a while, he still has plenty of life left in him.

Now that Red is in his foster home, he’s clean, going for good walks, and learning how to be an indoor dog. He seems to like being touched (I gave him a waterless bath and he gave me some kisses in return) and as he settles him we’ll get a better sense of his personality. What we’ve seen for far tells us that he’s a very sweet older gentleman who doesn’t ask for a lot and will be an easy companion to have around.

While there’s no way to erase Red’s past, we’d like a home for him where he gets the walks he enjoys, the attention he deserves and the love that was missing in his prior life.

Medical information: Red is up to date on his vaccines, neutered, heartworm tested and will be on preventive soon. Red has been to the vet for a thorough onceover, and we are addressing the various issues they found, none of which are serious. He also needs to lose some weight.

Red is located in: Menlo Park

If you are interested in Red, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at (preferred) or call 408-309-7830.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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