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Remi: 5-year-old 54-lb female red and white Lab mix

Background: Remi (Remington) came to Lab Rescue all the way from east of Fresno. A good Samaritan had found her wandering around the neighborhood… then found the owner.. and the owner said “ugh, you can keep her” (or something like that). The good Samaritan decided that Remi was pregnant and, since she already had three dogs, reached out to us to rehome Remi. Believing she was indeed pregnant (possibly full-term) and feeling she was Labby enough for our program, we scrambled to get her from North Fork, CA to a Lab Rescue foster.

What Remi’s foster says: She is the sweetest dog I have ever fostered! She loves attention, she is not a counter surfer, is house trained, respects my dogs, comes when called and really loves the crate. Remi loves cuddling and BELLY RUBS! She can clear a three-foot x-pen without touching the pen at all, but has only done that to find me when I have her confined to the kitchen. She has made no attempts to jump outside fences, but I think is just interested in staying close to where I am. Remi has no problem being in the crate when I leave the house or overnight.

What Remi’s Rescue Rep says: Once we had custody of Remi, we took her directly to our vet who determined (ala ultrasound) that Remi was NOT pregnant; she was just mostly likely in heat. We also realized that Remi was much more border collie than Labrador retriever. Remi can be a little snarky with other dogs she does not know. Remi is very friendly and affectionate with people.

Medical: Remi is in great health, and is heartworm negative. Remi still needs to be spayed, get some vaccinations, and be microchipped.

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