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Video: Rio enjoying her afternoon run

RIO: 3.5 year old spayed female black Lab Pointer mix spayed

Background: We adopted Rio from a shelter 3 years ago. She has been a wonderful dog. We have a Pit mix that we adopted prior to Rio and the Pit has been instigating fights with Rio since we adopted her. We now have a one year old child and we can no longer take a chance having the baby near the dogs when they are fighting. We have had the other dog longer so we feel Rio would be better in a new home. She is a loving and high energy dog.

From Rio's Fosters: Rio came to us and was quite anxious but in just a few days we quickly became her people. She is extremely affectionate, loves to cuddle and is treat motivated. We are currently taking her on 2+ miles walks a day. We also have an acre for her to just run on and she loves that. Rio rides well in the car. She is house trained and crate trained. Rio is an alert barker which we like. She is a fun dog with a fun personality.

From Rio's Rescue Rep: Rio is one cool dog! She is sweet, loving, exuberant and a bundle of energy! Watching her run on that acre of land on different levels shows that she needs a place where she has the ability to run and/or someone who will run with her. Rio especially loves her humans. When she is lying down, if you reach to pet her she will often roll over for that feel so good belly rub. Rio is a curious dog, always exploring. She is not aggressive. When she meets other dogs for the first time, she can be a little timid but then once she meets and is comfortable she wants to run with them.

Lab Rescue wants an adopter who will agree and is committed to bringing in a professional trainer for 2-3 sessions as needed, to work on proper introductions with dogs to make this a successful adoption. We want an experienced Lab or Pointer adopter who has previously raised a "teenage" Lab. If the owners are committed to train Rio appropriately, they will reap the benefits of one cool fun dog! Although her previous owners have done a good job training Rio with commands, both verbal and hand signals, we want her to attend a basic obedience class to reinforce and continue with good basic manners. This is a great way for the owners and dog to bond as well. Rio is a counter surfer, not exactly atypical for Labs . We want Rio to be the top dog in the home so no other dogs or cats. Because of her exuberance, any kids in the home should be 10 and older.

Medical: Rio is healthy, spayed, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm negative.

Rio is located in: Los Altos Hills.

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