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Rosie: 1-2 year old yellow female 75 pounds spayed Lab

Background: Rosie was found running the streets in Concord. A good samaritan picked her up and contacted GGLRR. GGLRR contacted the shelters, posted signs everywhere and posted notices. Rosie was not microchipped and no one has come forward to claim her.

From the foster mom: The kids started calling this sweet little girl "Rosie" because of the beautiful Fox Red color of her coat. She is a gorgeous yellow lab, with coloring very similar to the first yellow labs in the breed.

Rosie is young, energetic and big brown puppy eyes will have even the hardest hearted giving in for just one more pet. Rosie loves attention. I mean she LOVES pets, cuddles and spending time with each one of us. She plays hard and sleeps hard, just like a puppy should. As I type this, she is curled up asleep under the table, with her head on my feet. This little girl is eager to learn. She is so smart, she picks up on new tricks quickly, and mostly follows the rules, unless a rule keeps her from being with us. So far, she has not barked. She doesn't chew on things that don't belong to her (i.e. toys) and she is pretty well house-trained. Her sit is beautiful and executed within the first two or three times she's told, she is learning. Her stay is less consistent, but more successful if she can still see us. She shows zero aggression toward children, adults or other animals. Though we don't have cats, I don't think she would be any more than curiously playful with them. We do have chickens and goats, she was interested in them at first, but hasn't gone to any lengths to get in their fenced area and "play" with them.

Rosie has had a few potty accidents in the house. It generally happens when the dog door is closed, if by wind or intent, and whomever is with her isn't paying attention to the sniff around. She has serious separation anxiety. She will do best in a situation where she can at least see the humans, then she will relax and lay down. Rosie should not be left for long hours. She enjoys playing with the other dogs in her foster home, with as young as she is, she is not dominant at all, so ensuring she is in a home with friendly animal companions is a must. She is submissive even with food, so another dog who is more dominant would be able to take her food if not monitored closely. She was apparently allowed on furniture in the past, but is learning quickly that it isn't allowed here. She tries on occasion but not continually. She will ride in the car, and is very well behaved in the car, but shakes and is reluctant to jump in herself. She is afraid, hopefully once she feels secure again, this will subside. This sweet girl is a wonderful companion. She would be fine with a family or a single person who has the opportunity to keep her with them most of the time. She rarely jumps and isn't rough, though needs to have plenty of exercise opportunities.

What Rosie’s Rescue Rep says: We want a home for Rosie that knows what it takes for an active dog. A home that will continue with her training and a home that will make sure Rosie does not jump any fences.

Medical information: Rosie is spayed, up to date on his shots and chipped; awaiting results of heartworm test. She is a healthy girl.

Rosie is located in: Oakley.

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