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Video: Rosie bopping around the play yard at the shelter

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Rosie: ~8-year-old female yellow (Lab?) mix 62-lb Not yet spayed

Background: A real darling from the central valley. Picked up as a stray, we suspect her previous owners dumped her as they did not want to deal with her tumors. She waited at the shelter for her owner or for an adopter -- no one came. Her days were numbered at the shelter (not good), and we felt she was “Labby enuf” to join our ranks. She is now a “Lab Rescue” dog. 😊

What Rosie’s foster says: Rosie is a very gentle, sweet soul. A little timid at first, but then warms up and follows me around like a shadow. Does not have the retriever trait, couldn’t care less about a ball. Rosie is well behaved but knows no commands. No accidents in the house and seems fine when left alone. May have had some trauma since she does not want to get in the car and will not come back to the bedrooms. All in all Rosie is easy and a pleasure to be with. She was quite anxious during her first night with us, but has since slept through the night. She has shown an interest in bolting out our front door (to go on a neighborhood walk-about) so we must use care to prevent her from doing so.

What Rosie’s Rescue Rep says: Showing an incredible rosy outlook on life every day, this gal’s tail does not stop wagging. She gets along great with all people and all dogs. Absolutely loves her walks; easy to handle on leash. Much more interested in getting affection from her people than playing with toys or balls. She loves head, chin, ear, belly, nose scratches. No idea how she is with cats. She is now with a foster to nurse her through her recovery from surgery (she has 37 staples on her underside) and provide care until she is adopted. I admit that she may actually have less true Lab in her than I originally suspected – might have lots of Dalmatian given the spots on her fur and skin – we are awaiting DNA test results. She may not be a pure Lab but she is all angel.

Medical: Current on vax, chipped, heartworm negative. Not yet spayed. Rosie just had surgery to remove several mammary gland tumors. She may likely have lingering bouts with this affliction. Rosie is also dealing with an ear infection and possible bacteria skin infection. Rosie’s tumors have been determined to be is squamous cell carcinoma. The vet believes that this was likely cause by exposure to the sun; her light skin and white fur, no doubt, contributed. According to the vet, radiation and chemotherapy will not do much to eliminate the cancer, but that removal of each growth is the way to deal with it. Rosie will need to avoid sustained direct contact with the sun. No lying out in the sun, etc. When Rosie goes for a walk she should wear a jacket (or shirt) that shields her skin from the sun. We will be applying a special cream to any existing lesions; this cream will allegedly inhibit the growth and spread of these growths. The vet advises that it is hard to know what the prospects are for Rosie’s long-term survival; “Most of these do not metastasize but she can potentially get more large lesions like the one we just took off. The cream may keep that from happening.”

Rosie is located in: Saratoga.

If you are interested in adopting Rosie, please contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or

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