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Video: Rubicon playing a little fetch

Video: Rubicon and the 2-handed scratch-fest

Rubicon: 12-year-old male yellow Lab 101-lb Neutered

Background: His original owner (who failed to properly care for Rubicon) died in late 2020, and Rubicon was left in the backyard for nearly two weeks -- drinking water out of the pool. A family acquaintance stepped in to take Rubicon into her home and care for him. She has spent more than $2000 in vet and groomer care on him. “Rubes” is in so much better shape now than he was in late 2020.

What Rubicon’s former caretaker (of two months) says: Happy-go-lucky couch potato. Lives for walks, fetch, and peanut butter. He isn't crate-trained for extended periods, but will sit in there calmly for 15-20 minutes while we cook, take out trash, etc. At night he likes to sleep under a table versus a nearby dog bed or a crate. During the day, he is given free access to the outside, probably spends about an hour sunbathing. He is housetrained, walks nicely on a leash. I do not think he has had any training beyond this, but he knows “sit”, “down”, “fetch”, and “drop” (sometimes). He gets 1-2 walks per day about 3/4 mile. And we play fetch in the yard 2-3 more times throughout the day. We will play fetch with him, or play with the tug rope. He seems curious but indifferent to dogs he has seen on walks even when they bark at him. He's passed by dogs on walks and at the vet/groomer but we haven't seen him interact with one. His behavior while leashed seeing these other dogs has been somewhere between curious/indifferent. He does not bark back at the ones barking through the fences at him. Does counter-surf (especially for loaves of bread). He seemed interested in a cat while on a walk; not sure if friendly interested or prey-drive interested. He is a senior dog, but he absolutely lives to go on walks. He does have some permanent missing fur patches from his previous mistreatment, notably on his neck (collar line) and back left leg. He is incredibly sweet, and loves to spend an evening curled up next to you watching TV.

What Rubicon’s Rescue Rep says: Yet another dog that we want to be at the center of attention of a wonderful family or individual. Rubicon could lose a few pounds. Gets along with other dogs. The perfect forever home recipe for Rubicon: lots of walks and exercise, frequent socialization with other dogs, lying at your feet (or on your couch) at night watching Bridgerton with you, sleeping on a dog bed in your bedroom. Any questions?

Medical: Recently got a major tune-up at the vet, including teeth cleaning and neutering. Rubicon is current on vaccinations. Still needs a heartworm test and microchipping.

Rubicon is located in: Menlo Park.

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