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RUGER: 7 Year Old Black Lab 95 pounds Neutered

Background: Ruger’s current owner is moving to another stare and a situation she can’t take Ruger. She came to GGLRR to help her place Ruger into a new loving home.

What Ruger’s owner has to say about him: Ruger has the most personality ever seen in a dog, and is the sweetest, goofiest dude. He makes silly faces and pig noises when he’s happy to see you, runs circles through your legs to say hello, and sings along to harmonica songs. Like all labs, his second favorite thing is swimming - after eating all the food and getting tons of bum-scratches. Through life’s many changes, Ruger has been a wonderful friend, hiking buddy, and cuddly companion. Ruger is almost 7 years old, and full black lab, so full of energy. He is super sweet and lovable, Ruger also has a few challenges, or as I like to say, opportunities for learning! He is a big boy (90 lbs) and needs good nutrition, lots of exercise, and firm boundaries. He is also a people person, and needs time with his pack to thrive, which has been hard over the recent years. Ruger at times may play a bit rough and needs to learn more social cues from other dogs. Though this seem like a challenge, nothing is like the love that he gives. Ruger brings incredible joy and happiness to many, and deserves to live the rest of his life as happy and loved as can be. Ruger was purchased from a breeder in Virginia that breeds hunting dogs. (The owner has had him his entire life.)

What Ruger’s Rep has to say: When we met Ruger he did great meeting other dogs and had no issues. There have been times according to the owner that Ruger likes to play with other dogs and he does not pick up on the other dogs cues. (We did not see this when we met him and had him around other dogs.) We want a dog savvy home for Ruger; a home that will get him plenty of exercise and a home that will work with a trainer on Ruger and playing with other dogs. He is fine walking on a leash and does not growl on lunge when he meets or sees other dogs. Ruger is a dog that should not go to the dog parks as when other dogs get in his face her does not like this. Ruger would not do well with cats and Ruger would be best as an only dog in the home. Ruger is fine with kids and just loves to be with people! He is an inside dog and housetrained. He can be a bit of a counter surfer but when left alone he does fine in the house. He loves to swim and loves to play a good game of fetch. Ruger is one sweet boy and will be a great addition to your pack.

Medical: Ruger is very healthy boy: He s neutered, up to date on his shots, microchipped and on regular flea and tick medication.

Ruger is located in: Santa Rosa.

If you are interested in sweet Ruger, please contact

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