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Sammy: 1 puppy, almost 3 months of age

Story of Mom:

Cali 7 year old yellow female Lab (Photos Attached)


Cali is a well-loved dog and have been with her owner since she was a puppy. Cali would get out from time to time and surprise one time she got out she got pregnant and now we have 8 healthy mix puppies. The owner wanted to make sure the puppies got spayed and neutered and were placed in loving homes so he called GGLRR to place the puppies. We now have them in a foster home.

What the puppies foster says:

These are typical 6 week old puppies – sleep, eat, pee, poop, play, repeat... they are very mouthy at this age, so having siblings to test things out on is a good idea. They are very bouncy and very affectionate and very interested in the humans of varying ages who come to visit them. Basically, they all just want a lap and some attention and something to chew on and life is all good. We don’t know what dad is, but mom is a small yellow lab and we expect these pups to be between 60 and 70 pounds. They have great character, and are very wiggly, right now to the end of their tails or bums, whatever the case may be (3 have full tails, and the rest have little to no tails – good for avoiding the typical lab wiping the coffee table clear of everything!) These are very special pups who we are very happy to have in our care and they deserve very special homes and families!

We have the puppies in a foster home and they are doing well!

Playing, sleeping, pooping and eating and then repeating! (Puppies are great but you need to be prepared to have an active dog in your home for the next 5 plus years.). Everything is a fun game! They have been well socialized, met a variety of people and kids. All are very social and tolerant.


Sammy is a very healthy puppy and is now almost 3 months of age. He just got his 2nd round of shots.

Lab rescue pays for all their shots, spay/neuter and microchip. You must go to one of our vets to have the full medical bill taken care of. If you use your vet them only a portion can be paid for. Adoption fee is $450 and spay and neuter deposit is $400.

Sammy is located in San Mateo.

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