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Video: Sammy at dog park

Sammy: 5-year-old male black Lab mix 116 pounds, neutered

Background: Surrendered by a loving family who had a child that was suffering from severe dog allergies.

I am Sam

Sam I am

Do I like green eggs and ham?

I will eat anything with ham.

I will eat it here and there.

I will eat it anywhere.

I will eat it at the park.

I will eat it in the dark.

I will eat it in the crate.

I will eat it by the lake.

I will eat it on a leash.

I will eat it at the beach.

I do like green eggs and ham.

And you will like me, please bring some jam.

Cause I am Sam, Sam I am.

What Sammy’s Foster says: He is a sweet, loving dog who wants to please. I sense maybe he didn’t get enough attention in his former home. He whines and may give a small bark if you’re not loving and petting him. He’s anxious which can be part of his adjustment but I think it’s part of his nature. He has been mostly fine on the tie down - I don’t think he’s ever experienced it; if he’s free roaming he knows to go to his bed in the kitchen; knows his ‘place'. He has no problems with the crate. Sleeps through the night with no problems. Right now he is difficult to control on the leash because of his weight. But after 5 minutes walking he’s no longer pulling because he can’t keep up! No report on how he is with our cat yet as the cat is avoiding him like the plague! And a big surprise to us was he didn’t devour his food. We gave him 1 cup and it took him maybe 10 minutes to finish with a bite here and there. He hasn’t begged while we’re at the table either. He comes to be petted but we make him lay down and he stays there. He knows most of the basic commands but he doesn’t always want comply. It seems he was allowed to do what he wanted, when he wanted and that has been our biggest challenge so far. We’re teaching him to allow people out the door or gate first, and that he needs to sit or wait until we ‘release' him. His obesity is limiting some abilities like jumping in and out of my car. He is very chill when I’m doing things around the house or working at my desk. No anxiety as to what I’m doing or if I leave the room. He will be a loyal loving companion and will thrive with someone who is a clear leader.

What Sammy’s Rescue Rep says: Sammy is half-Lab/half-Samoyed. One huge fur baby. His former family advised that he was a big shedder. Besides fur, Sammy needs to shed about 30 pounds – so his adopter better come with a committed fitness/exercise program. We suspect his joints are not doing well from his excess weight. His stamina is also pretty poor – he wants to chase other dogs at the dog park but can’t keep up with them. Sammy is very sweet and loving, but also excitable around new people and dogs.

Medical Information: Sammy is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered. He’ll be visiting our vet soon for a full check-up.

Sammy is located in: Oakland.

If you are interested in Sammy, email, text, or call Rescue Rep Dave, 415-686-4248

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