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Videos: Sammy at dog park

Sammy at dog park (part deux)

Sammy: 5-year-old male black Lab mix 105 pounds, neutered

Background: Surrendered by a loving family who had a child that was suffering from severe dog allergies.

I am Sam

Sam I am

Do I like green eggs and ham?

I will eat anything with ham.

I will eat it here and there.

I will eat it anywhere.

I will eat it at the park.

I will eat it in the dark.

I will eat it in the crate.

I will eat it by the lake.

I will eat it on a leash.

I will eat it at the beach.

I do like green eggs and ham.

And you will like me, please bring some jam.

Cause I am Sam, Sam I am.

What Sammy’s Foster says: Looking for a loyal companion that will adore you? This easy-going gentle giant is one big hunk of love. He loves everything in life - kids, rides in cars, walks/hikes, other furry creatures, scratches under his chin, and of course, treats! Smart and eager to please, just tell him what you want. Sleeps in his crate all night without a peep. Barks only as appropriate. Easy on his leash, and quite eager to meet other dogs as we walk. Great at dog park, with dogs small and large! Not motivated by toys, and not a swimmer (he backed out of the river as soon as he couldn't touch!) A dedication to daily exercise is necessary to continue to maintain his ideal weight (a few more pounds to go).

What Sammy’s Rescue Rep says: Sammy is half-Lab/half-Samoyed. One huge fur baby. His former family advised that he was a big shedder. Besides fur, Sammy needs to continue to shed some weight (he weighed 116 lbs when he joined our program) – so his adopter better come with a committed fitness/exercise program. Sammy is very sweet and loving, but also excitable around new people and dogs.

Medical Information: Sammy is in fine health… current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered. His ideal weight is around 85 pounds… so he needs to drop another 20 pounds.

Sammy is located in: Oakland.

If you are interested in Sammy, email, text, or call Rescue Rep Dave, 415-686-4248

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