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Video: Scout playing with puppy

SCOUT: 6 month purebred female Red Fox Lab 48 lbs not spayed

Background: Scout’s family purchased her from a breeder in England and then subsequently purchased another puppy who was only a month younger than Scout. They decided two puppies were too much while raising two young children so they decided to rehome Scout. Her previous owner describes her as intelligent, energetic and somewhat independent.

From Scout’s foster: Scout is the sweetest little thing. She is still learning the ropes but she is a very fast learner. Scout is crate trained and knows how to sit and lay down, though she is still working on holding her down. Scout walks well on a leash with a Sensation harness but retrieving is her exercise of choice. Scout is an excellent retriever and has a very keen nose. She is a little bit timid about the world around her but is starting to explore more each day. Scout gets along well with other dogs but has some significant prey drive (cats, chickens, wild turkeys.) She jumps up when meeting new people both in and outside of the home. She is finally getting big enough to test her boundaries counter surfing and is responding well to the spray bottle for correction. She has lived with children 7 and up and does well with them, though as a puppy, she is still a bit mouthy.

Scout is an early riser with an internal alarm clock that goes off promptly at 6 as she needs to go out to potty. She has LOTS of energy first thing in the morning but after breakfast snd exercise she will settle down for awhile.

From Scout’s Rescue Rep:Scout is full of sweetness but like all puppies, don’t let that cuteness fool you as she is full of beans! Scout is mouthy on arms, especially little ones, so any kids in the home must be 7 and up and not bothered by mouthiness or chewing their toys. Scout is housebroken. Scout has traits that most puppies have as she will dig in the yard, jump on people, bark when excited, chews non dog items (furniture) and counter surfs. She does ride well in the car. She is also a licker! She gets very excited around humans and dogs.

There are 2 cats in her previous home and she chased them no cats in the home please.

Lab Rescue is looking for a home with previous puppy raising Lab experience. We would like her to start off as the only dog in the home as she has lots of energy and her adopters need to have the time to exercise, train and set boundaries for Scout so she can go on to be a good canine citizen.

Medical: Scout is current on vaccs and chipped.

Scout is located in: Sebastopol.

Please note our service area: GGLRR adopts to the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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