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Video: Shyler having fun with the ball

Video: Shyler at dog park

Shyler: 9-year-old male chocolate Lab mix 70 pounds neutered

Background: Originally adopted as a puppy from the Nebraska Humane Society, Shyler needs to find a new home due to his owner’s time-consuming schooling and upcoming internship. Shyler’s owner is devastated at giving him up, but feels it is the best thing for Shyler.

What Shyler’s former owner says: Shyler has lived with both adults and children. Shyler loves attention and plays like a puppy. He will kiss you until you tell him to stop. He is very loving and sensitive. He has some anxieties and does not like to be alone. I’ve had Shyler is doggie daycare while I am in classes but can no longer afford that. He sleeps in my dorm room at night. Shyler is quad-lingual, as he understands English, American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish… and Dog. He knows “sit”, “stay” “down”, “come”, “drop it”, “wait” and “off”. He is afraid of fireworks and hair dryers due to a traumatic grooming experience. He likes to swim and loves to fetch balls, but detests squeaky toys. Shyler was around cats as a young puppy, but none since then – he will gladly chase squirrels. Shyler loves carrot, peanut butter and bacon. He will provide someone with much love and companionship.

What Shyler’s Rescue Rep says: Shyler is an affectionate Lab/Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is a little out of practice hanging around other dogs. He may exhibit some guarding of his food and high-value items (bones, etc.). A great dog for a single person who will have their dog with them most of or all the time.

Medical Information: Shyler is current on Rabies and distemper vax, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm-negative. He recently had several fatty lipomas removed.

Shyler is located in: Napa.

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