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Video: Sierra hanging out with a young golden retriever

Video: Sierra don't do squeaky chicken

Video: Sierra showing her agility

Sierra: 4 year-old female yellow Lab 78 lbs Spayed

Background: Sierra was surrendered by her owners up in Mendocino County (after having her for nine months after her former owner died) because she and one of their other dogs (a 5-year-old small female pit bull which they had since puppy) starting fighting routinely. Seems that Sierra was the instigator of most of the scraps. The issue (likely resource-guarding) had to do with “access to” and “proximity of” her human people. All of the dogs slept on the bed together with human mom and dad. Sierra has never exhibited any inapprop behavior towards humans. She has never been around children.

What Sierra’s Rescue Rep says: Little to no interest in toys. No resource guarding. Walks okay on leash, not great but okay. Off-leash, she sticks around you – may be a great dog for hiking. Tends to jump up on you when you ask her to sit. Let me touch her all over. Doesn’t seem to know any other commands besides “sit”. Did great with a young crazy golden retriever who wanted to play with her. Because she exhibited some tendency to fight with another dog (under certain circumstances), she should go to a home with no other dogs and no cats. We currently have her at our boarding facility in Petaluma and the dog trainer has reported she is a DREAM. She plays with all the other dogs with no issue and is a very nice dog.

Medical: Sierra is spayed, current on Rabies and distemper vax, and microchipped. Last heartworm test (negative) was October 2019.

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