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Video: Six puppies just joined the Lab Rescue program

Video: Six Lab mix puppies raising Cain

Puppies: six 5-week-old black Lab mixes 5-lbs each

Background: This litter was a result of an illicit affair between mom (Lab/shepherd mix) and the neighbor’s male terrier (?) that allegedly jumped the fence when mom was in heat. The owner weaned the pups early at 4-weeks-old ? and gave them to a relative to give them away; we were able to get six of the ten puppies. Two of the puppies are males; the remaining four are females. We have named them: Patch (M), Pumpkin (F), Pepper (M), Poppy (F), Piper (F), and Pippy (F).

What the puppies' Rescue Rep says: What can you say? Darling cute little dogs. These pups are healthy and currently in the regular cycle of eat, poop, pee, play, sleep, repeat. As with any puppies of this age, they are very mouthy with sharp teeth, so chew toys are a must. They are very used to their litter mates, but are really LOVING the human attention (and laps) that are being provided to them in their foster home. They will need a lot of attention, training and patience from any adopting family. Initially reluctant to receive human attention and touch, they now demand and love when humans touch them, hold them, cuddle them, and take naps with them. We will separate the puppies to six different adopters – to spread the joy (and work). Adopters will be required to be home 24x7 for the foreseeable future to care for the needs of the puppy (which can be a 24x7 demanding job). Will also require a $400 neuter/spay deposit in addition to the $500 puppy adoption fee. We are not sure how big the puppies will get when full-grown but we guestimate in the 60-65 pound range.

Medical: All of the puppies appear to be in great health. They will be headed to our vet in a few weeks for their first round of vaccinations.

All six puppies are located in: Danville.

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Our volunteers donate their personal time & phones so please only call during reasonable hours (8am - 8pm). The Rescue Rep identified in the dog posting is the only person with information about the dog - please only contact the designated volunteer. We do call everyone back within 2-3 days so please be patient. We work very hard to make the right matches for the dogs and for the new owners. We get 3-5 dogs per week; we do not have a facility where the dogs are housed, they are in foster homes throughout the Bay Area.